Ugh - snap decision ends in regret

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  1. Sorry in advance for a bit of whine, but I'm so annoyed with myself right now, I could scream!!

    I have a fairly extensive Mulberry collection, most of which are small - Bayswater Satchel, small Roxanne, small Alexa, 2 small Del Rey's etc, etc, you get the picture. Anyway, I need a bigger bag for work and I have been lusting after a small Willow in black with nickel hardware since they came out, but I haven't taken the plunge because of the price, unless I sell a couple, I just can't justify the cost.

    So, when I went past BV on Thursday last week, I thought I would nip in and see what was there, I knew there wouldn't be any Willow's, but I looked at a Deer Brown Del Rey and a Black NVT Bayswater. The Del Rey would have been a winner if it hadn't been for the colour, so I ended up buying the Bays.

    I've looked at it since Thursday, carried it around a bit and to say I'm regretting my decision is an understatement. It's just too heavy. I know I can return it and exchange it, but now I'm really wishing I had just held fire for the Willow.

    So my question is, what would you do, keep the Bays, sell it privately, maybe for a loss and put the money towards the Willow (which doesn't solve the problem of needing a bigger bag which would have to wait) or exchange it for the Del Rey?

    If you've got this far, thank you, opinions welcome!!
  2. You can return it and keep the voucher and then use it at a Mulberry store and get the Willow.

    I think you can used the vouchers at any Mulberry store and not just the outlets.

    However, if you are planning on a Willow for work, I'd suggested the larger one and not the small one. I have seen the small one, and it's just too small if you want to add any A4 files or laptop etc.

    Have you checked it IRL?
  3. Take the voucher valid for a year I think ad save for the willow you really want
  4. If you already feel you've made the wrong decision then you have. Definitely get the voucher and you may find a delRey in the right colour soon or you can save for the willow. Either way, I think you've already decided nvt bays must go.
  5. I agree with Elvis & Beaver, take the voucher and save for the willow if that's what your heart's really after. I find my del rey can get heavy when I stuff it and it holds nearly as much as a bayswater so I don't know if that would solve your need for a big bag.
  6. I think any big bag is likely to get heavy ( perhaps excepting the Dorset ) but my del rey is waaaay lighter than any of my bayswaters. Having said that.....I had a small willow & it was chunky leather & very heavy even in this size. Lots of zips etc & an extra hunk of leather on the front ........
    Definitely test her first or you'll have an even larger credit voucher!!
  7. Thanks ladies, I know it's got to go back. The problem is I have no savings potential at the moment and so I think the Willow will not be happening any time soon, although if I do get the voucher I can at least save it until something I want comes up.

  8. Exactly!! And even if it's not the Willow, perhaps during the year you may find that you like something else, or perhaps a Bayswater in another, lighter leather...
  9. Return it and hopefully a bigger Del Rey in a color you like will come up soon. I am not usually a fan of big structured bags but I adore my larger Del Rey and am so glad I snapped it up when I could.
  10. ITA with others - you know it already, listen to your inner bag instinct.
    Hopefully something else come up!!
  11. If the Bayswater isn't working, no point in using it further. As Beaver says, the willow is also a substantial bag. The small will just hold a slim A4 file or book, netbook or ipad, but isn't big enough for anything larger, so if you were looking to use it for carrying work paraphernalia you'd need the larger size, which adds more weight and has no shoulder strap.
    The Dorset tote is very light and would hold files etc, plus they are currently in stock in the outlets... Also worth remembering the sales will start in June, though difficult to say currently what will be reduced and by how much.
    Hope you find something which suits :smile:
  12. I agree with all the above comments - your heart has already told you the bays won't suit you, so I'd take the voucher and hold out for something that speaks to you :smile:
  13. I've just got the Dorset tote in Black Forest from Bv, it's very light but it's a big look. I love the del rey, maybe you could swap for one of those x
  14. Thanks everyone, it's gone now. I don't need a bag to hold files or anything like that, as I usually have my laptop and that bag carries most of what I need. I just need something for all my day to day junk, and I'm finding what I have just isn't big enough. I'll keep holding out for the holy grail!