Ugh, school starts today

  1. LOL

    I can't believe school starts today. I live in Northern Cali, and it is so rainy and cold right now! I wanted to wear a cute bag to class today but it looks like its going to be a Longchamp day for me today.

    So, I was wondering, is anyone else trudging back to school today? Are you excited? Or are you really trudging? LOL
  2. Yeah I know I started classes today to and I have a 3 hour break between 2 classes...Its a waste to go back and forth home, so I am staying on TPF during this time:p
  3. Where do you live/go to school? I grew up in Nor Cal and after I moved to Oregon the random bits of rain didn't bother me so fact I found myself wanting to be back in Cali, LOL

    But now I don't mind OR so much :amuse:
  4. Ugh indeed. Fortunately I don't have to go to school today. However, it's supposed to snow through the night here, and I have to go to school tomorrow...ack.
  5. Wow, you have such a long school holiday over the Christmas period.
  6. oh... im def. trudging...
  7. I am taking classes, but my classes don't start until next week.
  8. Your lucky its only now! I had to start on jan the 7th! Waaaa!! For some light brain refreashment or a quick giggle/break from school, check out my blog!! (sig) I am aiming to update it at least once a day!

  9. Yup very long and I end on the first week of May:smile:
  10. Good luck to everyone this semester!!
  11. My classes don't start until next week too. I get so sad because it's so much stress and work. My hair is thinning because of the stress, and I have no support from my family, so school althoug its suppose to provide security for my future, all it does it break me down presently.
  12. I'm finishing my 4-week, (4 hrs a day, 4 days a week!) winter class this week and the Spring semester starts next week.. 20 units, kill me now!
  13. I started last Monday and it's a terrible time to go to school. It's so damn cold in San Francisco! I have to walk to school and it takes me 20 minutes to get there. Whenever I arrive, my hands and face are always numb.
  14. Schools awesome, education is awesome congrats to all of you for going! Just's almost over!!
  15. Where do you Gung?! I'm in Nor.Cal too and while I started school two weeks ago (damn the quarter system!!!!!), I was still dreading going back today after the first three-day weekend!

    The rain and freezing weather didn't help either! And waking up at 7am... yea, no fun!!