Ugh, pink eye!

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  1. I have been sick for about a week - my throat remains sore, I have a persistent, dry cough, and now I wake up this morning and (I know, TMI) my eyes are crusted shut :yucky: They were a little red yesterday, but this morning they're watery, extremely red and sensitive.

    WTF! Now I have pink eye? I have to go to the doctor ASAP this morning. Work is interrupted, obviously, because I can't show up with a contagious infection :shocked: I feel like crap.

    I have no idea what I could be suffering from, but I want it out of my system. Has anyone had similar symptoms before, where you start off with a sore throat, coughing, etc., and eventually you end up with pink eye? WTH is up with this? :cursing:

    Sorry, I just had to vent.
  2. aow, sorry to hear that Cristina, when I had that "cold" ( a virus) last month, my eyes were a bit reddish colored but I think it was from the sinus being blocked and so much blowing my nose ! Hope you get well soon !
  3. Aww, thank you, mellecyn :love: I'm starting to think that after a week with minimal improvement, that it may be something that an antibiotic will have to cure :sad: I hate being loaded up on medicine, and I haven't been this sick in a couple of years! Ah, well. We'll see what the doc says :yes:
  4. Honey, go see your doctor... my brother recently had something simular to pink eye, in fact I swore he had Pink Eye, but in reality he had an infection in his lungs and one of the symptoms was red, crusty eyes. He had to do some eyedrops and get his blood tested for the infection twice.
  5. :shocked::shocked::shocked: This sounds eerily like my symptoms. I really, really hope I don't have to have my blood tested. I hate needles.

    Gah, the doctor's office doesn't open until 9 a.m. I'm going to call and leave a message.
  6. ^^ oh dear. i hope you are ok and it is just pink eye! I have read up on conjunctivitis and you can get a viral form which isnt contracted from anybody and it comes from having a bad sore throat/chesty cough so it could just be that. The doc will give you some antibiotic eye drops.
    I hope you are ok xx
  7. Hubby just had it and he had really bad brochitis about 6 weeks ago and then this allergy thing. He got allergy pink eye last year when he was raking leaves outside by the pool. All that junk just blew in the air and the next morning his eyes were the worst I have ever seen. I have seen pink eye in kids and never as bad as hubby. Salt water on a hot washcloth does bring some relief. The eyedrops they give you do work really fast.
    I hope you are feeling better soon.
  8. They sell OTC pink eye medications now. I get it so often that I keep some in my medicine cabinet. Feel better! :flowers:
  9. first of all, feel better :flowers:

    second of all, i cant think of pink eye without thinking of the movie "knocked up" anyone thats seen it knows what im talking about :roflmfao:
  10. Pink eye is the worse. Make sure you take precautions so you don't reinfect yourself or spread it to the other eye....

    Scrub all eye glasses down

    Change pillowcases

    Toss out any mascara you've used in the last few weeks

    Douse with alcohol and sharpen all eye pencils

    Toss out (sponge applicators) or clean throughly with alcohol all eye makeup brushes.

    I hope you feel better soon. :smile:
  11. :lol: That was such a funny movie.

    I just got back from the doctor and from dropping off my prescriptions. Turns out it's not pink eye (Woohoo!), but instead I have a nasty sinus infection that is, in a strange way, coming out of my eyes :p The doc said I'm extremely congested and the infection is pretty bad. So I'm now on Avelox, which is super strong, and a decongestant and eye drops.

    Thank you for the well wishes, everyone :heart: MaxHavoc, great tips about pink eye. I had it twice in high school - it's AWFUL! :yucky:
  12. Glad you went honey.... I didn't mean to scare you, but wanted to warn you it could be something different. Bro's doc said if he'd waited much longer, he'd lose some of his eyesight becuase the infection bursts the conjuntivai. It was all really nasty, but he's doing fine now. He was scared... he reads a lot and I sure would hate to have him blind.

    NOW, take your medicine like you are supposed to and DON'T MAKE ME COME OVER THERE! (hehehe)

    Feel better soon!
  13. I feel for you! I've had pink eye twice in my life - once way back when I was 6 and also once about a year ago. Both times were hell! My eyes itched like crazy!
  14. You know what?!?! I got pink eye, then got rid of it, then it came back again! I went through 2 rounds of contacts!!!!!

    EDITED: It would help if I read the whole thread first!
  15. LOL Sunny :lol: It's okay :p The same thing happened to me when I had pinkeye in high school. I had it twice in a row!

    Waahhh, I'm taking my medicine like I'm supposed to (yes ma'am, Speedy), but the Avelox is wreaking havoc on my stomach. I even took it with food :sad: I've been on it before, but this is a 400mg tablet. Uggghhh I feel like :throwup: