Ugh.....patiently waiting for FedEx....

  1. FedEx stopped by Sat. at work, but no one was there - so I am not patiently waiting for the FedEx guy to arrive, UPS has already stopped here.

    ......I can't wait for my Keepall 50 to arrive!!!!! The waiting game is "killing me" ~ :nuts: , HA! HA!

    Plus, I just ordered it on Thursday and it was delivered 2 days later - gotta :love: eluxury!!!!!

  2. Don't you just hate waiting for Fed Ex/UPS? Never fails they come when I'm in the shower or upstairs (and they decide to lightly knock instead of ring the doorbell)! Hope it gets there soon for you! :yes:
  3. I feel your pain, girl:smile: Waiting for a packet when it's something one really want is haaaard
  4. Awesome buy, dont you just hate waiting :biggrin:
  5. I hate waiting, I'm so impatient...but it will be so worth it when it arrives though!!! Congrats on your new purchase, hope you love it!
  6. I know the feeling, it kills!
  7. Thanks, it stil hasn't arrived - but that's okay - I know it's on its way...who am I kiddin' - where is the FedEx man, HA! HA!
  8. ugh... Waiting for FedEx is the hardest thing especially for LV.