Ugh oh... Edith issues...

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  1. I'm worried that I ordered the wrong Edith....
    Here is the large, it can obviously be worn over the shoulder:
    It is Bag is 20" wide x 5.5" deep x 13.5" high, with a handle drop is 5.5"

    Now here is the medium:
    It is at Base bag is 17" wide narrows to 14" at zip x 4.5" deep x 10.5" high, handle drop is 4"

    I have an awful feeling I should have ordered the large bag instead. Someone please console me!!!!:cry: :cry: :cry:
  2. the large is waaaaaaaaaay too big - the medium is a much better bag!
  3. Thats a great size, is it really too small for you? How about pic's with you holding it??? I love it!
  4. My medium whiskey will arrive on Wednesday. The allure of being able to carry this over the shoulder (if I wanted to) - is pretty strong. Does anyone think the large would be "too large"?

    I was told that the size difference between the two was huge - but it doesn't sound like it is?
  5. The SA at Sak's (that was nice enough to help me find an Edith after NM screwed me) saw the large......she said it looks like luggage!! I DEFINITELY would not consider the large.
  6. oh my, i love the medium even more than the large.
  7. I would be interested in seeing the large IRL...
  8. Beauxgoris, if you paid $1275 then you ordered the medium. It if was closer to $1700-$1800, that is the large. I am sure they wouldn't sell you the larger bag for the medium price (Chloe obviously is quite fond of CASH!), so just look at the price tag and that should resolve it.
  9. ^^True - at that price, it should go to my "hermes" fund!

    You guys are making me feel a bit better though - the large is too large, right?
  10. I think it may be similar to the difference in size between a Bal City and the Weekend bag. The large is LARGE. The medium is a great size for everyday.
  11. Large is def too large! Especially if you like the Balenciaga city size - the med would be perfect:smile:)
  12. Yes, I think the large is too large, unless you want to use the Edith as a briefcase!
  13. you ordered the medium. in the morning i will measure mine and confirm. the large is definitely way too big. the medium you can also fit over the shoulder.
  14. Okay - finally found a photo of the medium and the large side by side!:


    The large:

    The medium:
  15. Now what do you guys think?!