UGH....Oblique Seller

  1. Last week I bought a bag on eBay, for which I paid $18 to have sent priority mail. So it arrives today.....but it wasn't shipped priority. The shipping code reads "Parcel Post; $6.49." Mind you, it's packed in an old brown box that's seen better days and placed inside with only it's dustbag around it. So I email the seller asking for a refund on the difference in postage, since he obviously made an error in sending it a much slower (and cheaper) method than I had paid for. And here's his response:

    Didn't you know that charge is for SHIPPING AND HANDLING? You should not bidding on the item if you think the charge is too much or at least ask before the biding ended. Thanks for your time and please ask if there is any other questions.
    PS: Just so you know,the bag cost me over a thousand dollars with tax so you got the most amazing deal for it.

    I don't at all mind paying the amount I agreed to when I bid, just as long as it's shipped the method I paid for! Handling had nothing to do with it- for what I paid he could've bought a new box, packed it magnificently and still sent it priority. And I don't care if I'd won a croc Birkin for $10, I'd still expect it to be shipped the way the seller himself said it would be shipped! So I replied:

    "Handling" fees aside (which should be minor considering you spent nothing on the box or packing materials), your listing stated the price of $18 specifically for Priority Mail; you sent the item Parcel Post. Since I did not recieve the form of shipment I paid for, I don't think a request for a refund of the difference in price is unreasonable. I really hope that we can resolve this situation amicably as I have no issue with paying the listed shipping cost assuming I receive the sevice I had in fact paid for.

    I know it's not really a big deal (hell it's only $11) but principle won't allow me to let the seller get away with it ;) Anyway thanks for letting me kvetch and I'll keep y'all posted.
  2. Woah! They charged $18.00 for priority mail when it only costs them $8.95 for a flat rate box??? Geesh!
  3. I totally agree with the OP. I can't tell you how many times I have paid for insurance and received a USPS package with NO insurance sticker. Absolutely they are required to ship in the manner listed. How long did shipping take?

    For Peachy2000, true if a person actually mails it in a flat-rate box but even then with insurance, signature confirmation (which I know is not required but I always buy) it may be a difference of $4. Not all purses will fit in a flat-rate box "comfortably".
  4. Peachy, in all fairness it is rather large and wouldn't have fit in a flat-rate box.
  5. I paid Wednesday night, he shipped on Friday and it arrived today (Monday). I did get it in "priority mail time" but he lives in SF, which is only an hour and half away.
  6. If he had sent Priority you would have gotten it on Sat. I would file honestly. There is a difference between adding a reasonable shipping & handling charge and charging for one service and not giving it.

    People do it on all the time since the amount they give you for "expedited" shipping rarely covers the true cost and if media mail gets it there in the 4-10 days window, why not pay for the cheaper shipping because all gives you timeframe.
  7. Geez, now that IS a big difference...I'd be mad too!
  8. Yay :yahoo:The seller refunded me the difference (though at the moment it's still "pending").
  9. ^Well done - it really is the principle here. Plus, he's making all that money every time he pulls this scam and a buyer doesn't notice or doesn't fight it. It drives me nuts that he was so righteous, too, when he either didn't understand or pretended not to understand what the problem was. Surely he is fully aware of what he is doing when he lists the postage charges then todlles off to the PO to send things?

    Either way, eBay has an unreasonable postage policy to minimise behaviour like this, so you were clearly in the right.

    Has he left you FB?
  10. I hate it when that happens! I haven't sold on eBay for years (since before they had that box where the seller could enter his/her zip code and it would calculate shipping for them), but I remember I would always issue a refund on shipping if the difference was over $1.00 between what they paid me, and what I actually paid at the post office.

    I just bought some silk scarves that I got a great deal on (each one was less than $8), but the seller charged an exorbitant amount of shipping--something like $23 to ship 3 scarves less than 50 miles! I know it probably cost him about $1.50 to ship them all. The scarves were high quality and beautiful, though, so I didn't bother to object--I still got a great deal. After reading these last posts, though, I wonder if I did the right thing in letting the seller make a profit off of the shipping?!?

    I notice that a LOT of sellers who sell items that don't cost much (lingerie, scarves, etc.) seem to pad the shipping quite a bit (so you might buy a thong that cost $2, but pay $6 shipping for it) so that they can make a decent profit. It's not fair, but I figure they want to make some kind of profit off of every sale, and that's how they do it. It really shouldn't be allowed.
  11. I am glad he refunded you. He didn't ship it Priority as stated in his auction so the fair and honest thing to do was refund the difference. Good for you!
  12. Congrats!! Sometimes if you're persistent enough it will pay-off in the end!!!
  13. I always pay for insurance when I buy something, but rarely are the packages insured when I get them. Drives me crazy. When I sell, I only charge for shipping exactly what it costs me. I hate sellers who jack the shipping up.
  14. I'm glad you got the money back. I think we can all agree it's the morals, not the money that was ever an issue...
  15. I would be livid! You paid for priority mail and should have received it, handling fees my a$$. Good for you for standing your ground with him! If he does not agree to refund I would report him to Ebay. Wow, the nerve.