Ugh, now what. . .

  1. I posted this a few min. ago in the MJ autheticate this. . .section. HELP!

    Okay so I feel pretty dumb at this point:push:, but I'm preatty sure I purchased a fake MJ stam on eBay. Take a look, but I really do think its fake now.

    if the link does not work the # is 320190322720

    I've been really stressed at work and I guess my judgment was skewed. Also I wasn't able to activate my account here until after the auction ended(some sort of a eamail glitch I guess), and not knowing anything about stams I really needed your help. ANYWAY now I'm not sure what to do. Anyone have any advice on how to proceade that will minimize trauma as well as any damage to my solid feedback score on eBay?
    I have quite a bit of experience in eBay, but I've never bought a fake and REALLY don't want to keep it. :crybaby:
  2. Wait for the opinion first for the Marc jacobs forum!

    Do not pay yet though. The bag cost $419, buyer protection is only $200! Wait for the girls in the forum to get back to you!
  3. well at least one person has confirmed the fake. I did pay though, I used a credit card though paypal.:crybaby:
  4. Ok- contact the seller straight away and say you have had the bag confirmed as a fake and ask for a full refund including shipping. If not open up a paypal dispute, this may give the seller to send you the refund without going though the whole dispute process.
    If that fails then do a chargeback with your CC
  5. Thanks for the advice. . .helps to know I can ask. Anyway I contacted the seller and explained that the bag was fake and that I wanted a refund. I also explained that if she was unwilling I was prepared to open up a dispute, chargeback etc.

    I just needed to share the eamil she sent me because she has balls! Still lying! There is no way she purchased this bag from NM! Now that I know what to look for(thanks to the MJ ladies of PF) I realize that not only is this bag fake, its a bad fake, the kind you can spot without peeking inside.

    Anyway check out the email its good for a few laughs:

    Hi there,

    Sorry to get back to you late about your email. I did not get a chance to check my email today until now. Anyways, what is going on ??
    I dont know what makes you think that the bag is not authentic but i will say this, your research is not correct. I dont mean to keep your money if you dont want the bag. I will happily refund you the full amount. Dont worry about a thing.

    What surprise me the most is that you have not even received the bag and you are already claiming it to be not authentic. Why would Niemen Marcus sell non authentic bags. I am curious to know your research.

    Anyways, let me know when you receive the bag and are sending it back.


  6. Wow, at least she's being SUPER nice about it :smile:

    I just got an authentic Stam for $595!!!! :biggrin: In taupe.
    Just keep looking & be patient!! Gluck :heart:

  7. Thanks, I'll keep my chin up. :smile:
  8. Don't fall for it. My isabella Fiore seller swore to the bitter end that she bought the wallet from Saks off fifth. She even told me she returned it when i sent it back. yeah right (a look at her selling history proved beyond a doubt that she knows she's selling fakes...multiple fakes) I am amazed that people can lie the way they do. Get your refund :smile:
  9. In defense of possibly an innocent seller... (NOTE: I have not researched this seller at all-she could be a chronic)

    It is possible that she purchased a bag that had been switched and returned to NM... Possible ~ yes... Probable ~ NO. At least she has indicated you would get a refund! GL!

  10. Yes, yes she is being super nice about it. However here is the fishy thing that made me want to check her out in the first place. The morning after I had won and paid for the bag I was contacted by another member saying that she had received a second chance offer from the seller and was wondering if I thought it was legit. I confronted the seller because in my head I was all "I paid! what the hell is going on?:wtf: I was really polite though, so no worries.

    So anyway the seller wrote back to me saying that her sister had the same bag in similar condition and she wanted to offer it to the next highest bidder. I thoght this was shady. I wrote back to he other bidder and told her what I knew. By this time she had accepted the offer and paid for the bag.

    It was around this time that I was sure the bag was a fake(Thanks to the MJ ladies). I wrote to the other bidder telling her that I thought my bag was fake and that I thought she should check her's out very carefully when it arrived. She sent me extra pics of the other bag that the seller had sent and sure enough: FAKE. The diamonds on the quilting didn't even line up! There is no way that NM is selling fakes like that accidentally right??:confused1: Am I wrong?

    I'm glad that my seller has been nice about the whole thing so far, and I'm hoping to scrape by with this one unharmed. . .but I'm not okay with fakes, or her innocent "how could NM be selling fakes" act.

    Thank you all for the support:heart:
  11. Looks like you got it figured out! Hope all refunds work out! :tup:
  12. Before I found you guys around 6 months ago.

    I bought a Paddy from a lovely friendly girl here in Australia, she said all the right things etc. When the bag arrived it was a fake. I contacted her and requested a refund she had said 110% refund if not happy at the auction. Silly trusting me. Anyway, she was happy to do the exchange and I sent the bag registered insured and signed for extra cost to me ($40au) - didnt hear from her for a few days - claimed to have made a deposit into my bank account - it didnt show and she sent me the account details she used. One of the digits was wrong and I told her - she said she was taking it up with the bank for reversal - I allowed two weeks since I had done the same when I deposited my payment to her. (still the penny hadnt dropped). No refund and getting close to three month cut off - she stopped contact, I contacted Ebay but because I didnt use PayPal I didnt get any help. Oh yes, I kept an eye on her and she resold the bag! I lost nearly $500 and a hell of a lot of sleep. :crybaby: She left me a negative feedback to kick me in the face when I was down too.:crybaby:

    I shouldnt have sent the bag back in the first place - not without getting some sort of a refund first. Never use Direct Deposit and trust no one especially when see so nice!!!

    Upside - thanks to these forums I now feel I know some of the tricks and am the proud owner of a Paddy. Good luck in your quest - I really feel for you and those that have been conned.
  13. She's being nice because she knows it's fake and doesn't want you to report her to ebay. Take the money and run.