Ugh, not another Mahina...

  1. Just kidding!
    Today a huuuge brown box arrived and out came my Mahina XL in noir. They had been sold out in Germany for some weeks and since I only was third on the waitlist at my store I had to bite my nails and waaaait.
    I love, love, love it! The pictures don't do the bag any justice (which might be because I'm not much of a photographer...).
    The bag is not as shiny as it seems on the pictures and the monogram is very discreet (which is why I bought the bag). The leather and hardware are TDF and I'll be using this bag A LOT!
    P.S.: I included one pic to show you guys what this bag can hold :p
    Mahina.jpg Mahina2.jpg Mahina&Hannibal.jpg
  2. oh wow. That's really pretty. I like the xl more than the xxl.
  3. oooohhhh it's such a beautiful bag, congrats on your new purchase.
    Ps. Love the dog also….
  4. Congrats! That is such a pretty bag!!
  5. Wow, that bag is GORGEOUS! It looks so high in quality -- what you would expect from LV! Great reference photos, too! :smile: Congrats!
  6. Ahhh.,I miss my daxie... how old is yours ? Love the bag too !
  7. Congrats she is beutiful!!!! love the puppie too!
  8. WOW I love IT!!!!! I also love that bed cover!!!!
  9. Oh, Dee,
    What an Elegant and fabulous bag !!!!

    Your dog is adorable....Congratulations !!
  10. so lovely! congrats!
  11. wow! lovely! congrats!
  12. Awesome bag. :heart:
  13. yes, yes another mahina! It's sooooooooo gorgeous! congrats!
  14. and that is a super CUTE DOG!
  15. COngratz. I am currently totally obsessed with the Mahina XL. It's gorgeous and you're soooo LUCKY!!! Enjoy her.