ugh. my pretentious aunt went out and bought a real LV.....

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  1. so that everyone else would think that the rest of the fakes in her collection are real too.

    wouldn't it be the opposite though? i'm thinking that one fake would spoil the authentics.
  2. One she has the real LV, she'll begin to appreciate the quality of the brand.
  3. i don't think she cares about quality. for as long as i've known her, she wants people to think she's extremely wealthy.

  4. LOL. Some people's logic is so funny. Have you ever tried to educate her on the evil's of the counterfeit industry? When I was younger (14-15ish) I had no idea what was so bad about fake bags. Then I started researching it. Now I am VERY against it and try to educate people.

    To answer your question, yes I think people will assume the real one is probably fake since all of her others are.
  5. I think people are going to think the real bag is fake. I find this to be true a lot of the times with some people. I feel like there are designer purse lovers and collectors that buy bags and then there is the fan club who is more concerned about being seen as a person of status and I don't know if they even care or like designer purses but mostly are just into the labels and thats why they carry knock offs and try to pass then off as real. A lot of people like to carry around the monogram bags because they are so recognizable and they want to appear wealthy and try to create this facade that they are wealthy when the truth is they are usually far from it. To me that is really annoying I think you should just be yourself and not worry about statuses. That's why monogrammed bags from any designer tend to sell better than more discreet labels. Not to mention most purse knock offs are covered in monograming no matter who the designer is.
  6. Maybe she's changing her ways and will appreciate what an authentic bag thing you know, she'll be tossing her fakes and getting chummy with her own LV SA :smile:
  7. I like this. Good post.
  8. She will definitely notice the difference in quality, but if she's only interested in appearing wealthy, perhaps she won't care too much about that. I think you're right - people who have seen her fakes will probably assume the authentic LV is counterfeit too. That was quite a waste of cash!
  9. i agree, i think this will more likely be what other people will think of that single authentic LV. people will just think that it is a "high quality" replica :graucho:
  10. That's kind of funny! lol

  11. Well... at least she has one real deal in the closet!! Although, with the money wasted on fakes, she probably could have bought some more authentic ones...:cray: Does she only buy fake LV? Or, does she have other brands, too??
  12. She'll probably end up carrying the real one more than any of her other fake ones now because there has to be some sort of pride for her in being able to say she now has the real deal. Although I think the reason she bought the real bag is laughable.
  13. I forget if it was posted here, but Joan rivers says she does that... She buys one real and the rest fake!
  14. :lolots: I love Joan Rivers. But I don't really understand the rationale behind that. I just really don't.
  15. Oh dear.