UGH!! My Mom's Wallet is Lost - What Should We Do?!

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  1. OMG... My mom lost her wallet, and she is pretty much completely naive about what people can do with her stuff (yes, she even used to carry her social security card around with her before I took it out of her wallet for her)!! So I'm upset because she thinks that, oh, she didn't have much cash in it so it's okay... but I'm worried about all the other stuff she carries around with her!!!

    We called around to all the places she could possibly have been, in the hopes that some kind-hearted soul found it and turned it in, but I just totally freaked out when an employee at a restaurant told me that she thinks she saw "kids" pick what looked like a wallet off the floor, play with it, and run off with it!! :crybaby::wtf:

    We've already alerted the credit card companies (and am planning to head to the DMV to get a new driver's license as soon as possible), but do we need to worry about insurance cards (car and health), store membership cards, or anything else like that?? I was trying to find articles online for advice on what to do in this situation, and I am horrified that people may be able to call your utility companies with just your name and address and be able to change your billing addresses from there and rack up debt with just that info - is this even true?!

    Any help on what else to do would be GREATLY appreciated - I'm really panicking and even more freaked out because my mom isn't too worried since she still believes most people are good (um, I believe this too but I believe in stopping things before her identity is possibly stolen). :sad: Thanks for all the advice!!
  2. That totally sucks! Losing personal items is such a terms of time and emotion! I'm glad you took the SS card out awhile ago...It sounds like you're taking all the necessary and appropriate steps....good luck!
  3. ^Thanks Angelfangs! I hope so - I'm pretty worried that there might be some things I HAVEN'T thought of, but I think we'll both feel a lot better once we've called every company possible!
  4. Sorry to hear about this. I had my wallet stolen one time at NYNY casino. My life was in my wallet. It was horrible but I just repalced everything as soon as I could.
    Good Luck.
  5. Have you informed the police?
  6. I would double check that you alerted every credit card company and bank card company. I don't think the store cards would do anyone else any good. You can always request for your account to be closed and transferred to a new card.

    Have your car insurance and health insurance company send you temporary cards ASAP. I doubt these would do any harm in the wrong hands either.

    I think the only thing you would have to monitor for is identity theft, since it sounds like from the documents in the wallet, someone could set up credit cards with your mom's name because they know her name, address and birthday.

    It might be a good idea to enroll in a credit monitoring program that would alert her to any suspicious activity for the next 6 months to be on the cautious side.

    If it were a bunch of "kids" like the waitress described, it probably won't happen, but I would do this just in case.