UGH! my luggage tag...

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  1. I ordered a luggage tag at the Louis Vuitton store in Naples, Florida two weeks ago and the sales associate said it would take one week to heatstamp and than she'd call. It has now been two weeks and I just called the store and they basically said; too bad, so sad, we have no clue. + when THEY get it, they still have to ship it to me, which will take another 7 days. 3+ weeks for a luggage tag = redic.

    ...I would rather just cancel the order and call a store that WILL do it for me in no time. Do you think thatd be possible?
  2. I think you'd be better off just waiting unless you know of a local boutique that does the stamping in-house. In my local LV, I was told that it had to be shipped off for hot stamping and should be ready in 2 weeks max. I ended up waiting over 4 weeks for it. :s
  3. well the nearest boutique to me is Chicago, which does in house stamping. it seems strange to take FOUR weeks?!
  4. I'd try a different store. I brought my Luggage Tag from my Keepall to my store. My SA sent it to St. Louis and It was back to Nashville within a week.
  5. Cancel and order from the LV website...
  6. Don't even get me started on hot stamping luggage tags ... suffice it to say, after 6 weeks AND the store doing the hot stamping losing the luggage tag (my store doesn't have the hot stamping equipment), I had to wait another 3 weeks.... ggggrrrrr :cursing:
  7. OMG! Never heard something like that before.
    When I bought mine - it only took about 15 minutes... impossible to let you wait 3 weeks!!!
  8. yikes :sad: i'm sorry, that's terrible
  9. My store did the HS on one weekend. Bought it on a friday, got it on a monday :smile: Yay! Louis Vuitton Oslo ftw!