UGH! My first ebay problem regarding a fake bag!


Jul 20, 2006
Just wanted to rant, really... I was browsing ebay auctions late last night, and put several on my watch list. I normally search for the ones that are at lower prices... if the price goes too high or I find out the bag is not authentic, I delete them. So I was also using biddingscheduler to schedule some bids on other auctions, and I selected the wrong one for bidding. I woke up this morning, checked my e-bay, and found that I won a fake bag! I should've clicked the auction link to be certain that was the right auction, but I just signed off and went to bed without really thinking about it. Big lesson learned!

I wrote to the seller, and she got all defensive saying that she'll report me for non-payment. It just irks me that she claims her bag is authentic and that I know nothing about LV, yet refuses to provide any more pictures so that I can have mypoupette or caroldiva authenticate for me. I responded that I will send the link anyway, and they will still come to the same conclusion based on the fact that the alignment is completely wrong!

I've already reported the auction as fraudulent listing. Here's the link so you can see for yourselves: eBay: Louis Vuitton Authentic Handbag NWOT (item 260065013715 end time Dec-18-06 09:01:33 PST)

I didn't really take a close look at the bag at first glance, but figured I'd ask for more pics. I really wish I'd paid more attention to it, and just deleted it from my watch list in the first place! :sad:

Do you guys know how long it'll take ebay to respond regarding this? I'm really hoping the listing will be removed so that she can't file NPB on me and/or give me neg. feedback. I know it's my fault and I made a stupid/careless mistake, but I can't help but feel so frustrated. I also currently have 2 items for sale, and I hope she doesn't try to sabotage my listings or do something to get back at me. I did block her from my auctions, just in case.
I'm sorry about your situation! But I wouldn't count on eBay to do anything. The company is remarkably unhelpful when it comes to these things. That being said, there is nothing she can do to MAKE you pay.

If you get a NPB alert/negative, it's better than losing $200, right? You can respond to your feedback, too, saying that the item is not authentic and that's why you refused to pay. If you leave feedback for her, be sure to remain factual. Do not resort to personal attacks or all caps because it makes you look bad. If you write something honest but polite, and she writes something horrible, you will look like the better person.

I actually am very diligent about who I purchase from on eBay, and if I notice that a seller leaves retaliatory or particularly immature feedback, I do not buy from them.
if i were you i wouldn't do anything. if it is a for sure fake bag she probably won't end up reporting you. i did the same thing once and told the person i wasnt going to pay for a fake bag. they never ended up doing anything because then i would have brought to ebays attention that they were selling fakes. if they do end up reporting you, i agree with -coquelicot- that its better you get one negative marking than losing money on a fake bag.
thanks for the support ladies! i can always count on tPF to make me feel better.

i am definitely NOT paying for this bag. i also posted the auction in the authentication thread in the LV section, and i'm sure at least one other member also reported the auction as a fraudulent listing. I really hope it'll be removed soon, but even it isn't, this will be my first NPB strike. i'm not sure if she'll give me negative feedback or not, she probably knows i'll neg. her right back and note that the bag is fake.

ebay is just not what it used to be, but i'll take this as a lesson learned and be more careful from now on.
I agree, if she know the bag is fake, she probably doesn't want to call attention to herself. I don't have the best eye for these things, are you sure it's fake? I see she posted a pic of the receipt, which I know could mean nothing...
I agree with everyone else--just don't do anything, don't leave feedback, and keep your fingers crossed that she doesn't neg you. If you do get negged, that sucks, but it's not the end of the world--just incredibly annoying! Most people will forgive one neg in a sea of positives, so no big deal.
Lori, yes I'm certain it's fake. The alignment is completely wrong. Plus, it's been confirmed in the "Authenticate This" thread in the LV section. I've been polite to her in my messages, and yet she's being defensive about her bag. I think she knows the bag is fake, and is trying scare me into paying with the negative feedback/NPB thing. I'm not backing down. I'd rather take that one neg. instead of paying for that piece of crap. I'm just hoping the auction will be taken down before she can file NPB on me.

I think I scared her off when I said I will have mypoupette/caroldiva authenticate for me, though. She hasn't responded to my last message at all.

Here's an authentic auction to compare: eBay: Auth Louis Vuitton Ellipse Petit Modele/Like Brand New! (item 110068135291 end time Dec-19-06 19:02:43 PST)
I bought a Hermes Kelly on Ebay. A day or two after winning I was doing some double checking and went back to see the seller's items for sale and discovered an identical Kelly for sale. Well, there was no way that this guy would have two authentic Kellys so I did nothing about payment. About a week or so later he sent me an invoice and later another. Then I got an Ebay inquiry and my response was that I thought it was fake because he had two. Then I got a notice that the seller wanted me to agree that we would mutually withdraw from this without leaving each other any negative feedback and I agreed. This just confirmed everything I already thought I knew.

I think you just need to stick to your guns and you'll be fine.