Ugh, more drama w/ my CRAZY buyer


Sep 10, 2007
Hi everyone! You may remember a little while ago I wrote a thread about a buyer who didn't pay, then went crazy and told me she likes to take up to 4 weeks to pay for her ebay items so how dare I send her a reminder message. She wrote me some very threatening emails and messages and was a total wack job.

I reported her to the trust & security (whatever it is called?) department on ebay, and I also opened an unpaid item dispute with her. Two weeks into the whole thing she decides that she is going to pay, and does so through Paypal. I couldnt believe it. This is after she wrote me a million obnoxious messages, cursing at me, saying repeatedly that she would not pay, etc, etc. I want nothing to do with her and Im not doing business with her. I refunded her money through Paypal and wrote back to the unpaid item dispute saying I wont send her things b/c she threatened me, payment 2 weeks later isn't acceptable and the item is no longer available to her because she told me at least 5 times that she was "never in a million years" going to pay. Furthermore I dont want to mail her an item, b/c she is crazy enough to leave me feedback claiming the item isn't authentic, wasn't as described, etc. just to be a jerk.

Now my question is- what happens now? Is ebay going to say Im at fault now b/c I wouldnt accept her payment? Will she be able to leave me feedback? Can the unpaid item dispute stay open? Ive never dealt w/ someone like this before. Thanks for the help!


Mar 5, 2008
I think if she paid and you refunded she can still leave a neg.. someone please correct me if Im wrong. Sorry your still dealing with this BS:cursing::mad::rant:

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Sep 22, 2007
I would call ebay directly and ask them. I read your original thread and thought this was a difficult buyer but she sounds like she has some personal problems and its not fair for you to get dragged into this. I would not want to proceed either, I would prefer a neg.


Sep 28, 2007
I think you did the right thing for you. I too would have refunded and take a negative if it happens. Likely, you'll get one anyway. You might as well take it now before things get any worse. No way I'd send her anything either.
Good Luck.


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Isn't there an option to cancel because of threatening e-mails or am I making this up?

I would have returned her payment as well. However, if it is was two weeks and you initially have to wait 7 days to file NPB and then 7 days before you can close it, did she either respond to the eBay message or pay you BEFORE you could close the dispute and be done with her? Am I making sense? If you were able to complete the NPB and close it as a non-contact then she wouldn't be able to leave you feedback AND you get back your fees.


Mar 20, 2008
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she paid but i think techinically too late for it to be valid as you have already informed ebay that she was a non paying buyer i think they may remove the negative ? you could always ask them 2 weeks is way too long too have to wait and no one should have to accept that abuse:rant:


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Dec 30, 2007
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As long as she responded to the dispute, she can leave FB but you can reply with your side of the story and leave FB for her as well. I would have made the same decision - better to risk the neg than have a continuing transaction from hell.