Ugh, mean comment towards me at work won't get out of my head


Sep 17, 2006
Okay, ranting makes me feel so much better. I do feel kind of silly though because this is such a minor thing. I am so stressed with finals (my last semester at college!) and it's like everything is bothering me. This would probably bother me anyway though, honestly.

I was at work Monday and I have this small Coach bag, it's the smaller version of the Carly bag (I promise this doesn't belong in the Coach forum, lol) that I got for my birthday in July. The women I work with have seen it right when I got it and tons of times since then.
Well these two women I work with (one is 55 the other is I think 38 or 39) pretended to have never seen it before as I hadn't carried it in like 4 weeks probably. They were like oooh, niiice! And this other woman who has seen it a zillion times and she loved the style like tried to pretend she'd never seen it before and was like "oooh!! Nice. But it's too small."
Like YEAH okay, lady. I was like "you have seen this before... you liked the size before!" And they just ignored me.

It just really hurt my feelings. Like let me set the scene here, these are bank tellers, they HATE their jobs and are always miserable, have only fake bags, they try to be all snooty. Could they be jealous that I don't have to rot there like them? I'm not some lowly little girl, I mean I'm a normal college girl and I dress nice and take things seriously.

I told my boyfriend this and he totally doesn't understand it! It's too funny. He's like, so what if they said it's small, you have like 3 huge Gucci bags and Louis Vuitton, who cares!

Sooo not the point!

These women have just really been hurting my feelings lately, I'm so happy I no longer have to work there in another couple of weeks. I haven't quit yet but I'm getting out of school and everything is happening.

Thanks for letting me rant. This will probably just make me embarrassed for being upset and it will override the anger (lol)
Feb 11, 2006
San Francisco
I'm sorry to hear that your coworkers are catty. If it makes you feel better, you're not alone. I worked with some very mean people too. It's a part of every job. The good thing is that I quit and they're still stuck at the crappy job.


Mar 21, 2007
San Jose, cali
Sounds like they are unhappy with their situation like you said and hurting your feelings make them feel better about themselves. I guess thats usually the reason people put others down.


For the love of beautiful things
Oct 18, 2006
New Mexico
Not sure why those ladies are being rude to you, tomorrow go in with a big smile on your face like it didn't even bother you, that would be the best revenge.
I can't deal with unhappy people, like those ladies. Don't they realize how lucky most of us are to live a life that gives us choices & opportunities?


Sep 21, 2007
I'd just ignore them. If they say something else snotty while you are still there, I'd come back with a sweet as sugar reply, like you did not even pick up on the dig they did. That should get the message across and maybe they'll stop. It sounds like they WANT a catty reaction back.


Prima Donna Assoluta
Oct 15, 2006
Monterrey, Mexico
I second elizat's idea. Sometimes they just want to get a reaction from you; don't give them exactly what they want. I would've giggled and said something like.. "Really? But I was just carrying this yesterday!" and then giggle some more. Take it as a joke and it'll REALLY piss them off, that I can guarantee.


Done here
May 19, 2007
I used to work in a retail buying office with 90% women. :yucky:!! Try not to let them get to you. The advice to go in with a smile on your face was spot on. Kill'em with kindness, and they'll probably be so baffled they'll just leave you alone. Or start being kind to you.


Apr 28, 2007
Ignore them. I feel like you should've said something like "oh well, I do like the size thats why I bough it, its better having a small authentic purse instead of an oversized fake".


Sep 17, 2006
hmmm... I never thought of that, to not give them what they want. It's so hard, it's like I feel the only way to respond is to let them know I know what they're trying to say. But I either do that or the moment passes and I just feel horrible.
I will try to do that though, just laugh it off. I deal with similar every time one of the two women is there which is 2 times a week.
It's so hard to imagine just giving a bright smile and laughing or even ignoring but I will definitely give it a try. I never have tried it and automatically go on the defense.

Thank you for the advice :smile:


I run with scissors
Apr 22, 2006
Long and Low Farms
Sounds like the one person said something when you were already feeling down, which made it feel worse. Put this thought into your mind: "I feel bad for someone who is so miserable that they feel the need to be mean. I am glad I am a person who spreads joy in the world and will continue to do so".


~Mind, Body, Soul~
Feb 23, 2007
Sweetie, this has nothing to do with you, it has everything to do with them, and believe me, their situation don't look pretty. Your self worth is not tied to anything those ladies have to say! You certainly did not stick your nice bag in their face to show off, you honestly liked the bag, bought it, and used it! Your stuff, your business! I get a lot of that too, all colors of comments, some of them hurtful. It's so hard to hear, but when it comes down to it, what matters is what you think about your bag. You're doing great, don't worry about mean women!!!!


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Jan 5, 2007
Jacksonville, Fl
You're going to run into tons of miserable people throughout life, so you might want to get used to it. It's not you, it's them, and once you realize that they're just trying to bring you down to their level, just be sincere and stay above it all. "yeah, it is a bit small, but I got bored and wanted to switch around my bag." and be done with it. Don't be catty back, just be dignified and classy about it, and move on with your wonderful day.
Jun 8, 2007
los angeles
try to ignore them. smile. agree... yeah, it's small but some days you need a smaller bag for a change. shrug. smile. walk away. there will always be people like this and what they say says more about them than about you or your bag... you do not need to be getting into it with them, as they will always pick pick pick... there is no pleasing them. one day your bag is too small, the next it's too big, or too green or too black... when what is really wrong is their own lives are miserable and they are unhappy with themselves... i am glad you are leaving that job and moving on but unfortunately people like this are out there in the world and the sooner you develop a strategy for dealing with their bull the better...