Ugh, Macy's

  1. So I think I am becoming addicted to Coach. I have been reading the forum and saving my money for a bag. I have a Macy's gift card, so I thought I would get a wristlet or mini skinny with it. I had seen some at the Macy's I usually go to, but went to another mall today and was going to get something at that Macy's. They had tons on Dooney's , but only 2 small purses and two wallets and one mini skinny( skinny mini ? which way), no choices!

    So I left empty handed ! I will check out the one that is close to where I work and see if they have better selections. I just wanted to feed the need, till I saved up enough for a handbag:sad: , guess I go see if there is anything on Macy's website that I want , if there is nothing at the store.

    I wish an outlet was closer, I looked online for one and the nearest one to me is a 5 hour drive.

    I am new to Coach and have learned so much here.:yes:
  2. my macy's doesn't carry coach- the only ones they ever have are returns. and i always mean to ask if they can ship from another store...
  3. I think they are just starting with them, at least in my area ( all the Foley's became Macy's in the fall around here) and I think they just put them on the website a few weeks ago.

    If I had wanted a Dooney, they had tons. Not what I was looking for.

    I want Coach:crybaby:

  4. I think you can also order online at
  5. My Macy's carries a lot of Coach but the customer service is so crappy that I'd rather just go to the actual Coach store.
  6. Our Macys had a huge selection of purses and wristlets. I was quite surprised. Good Luck.
  7. My Macys has a very nice Coach selection, the other Macys near me has a smaller Coach selection. They also started to sell Coach on recently.
  8. My Macy's, formerly a Marshall Fields, has a large Coach and Kate Spade selection. They don't carry anything nicer than those two brands. They have Brahmin and Monsac, which are also more expensive brands, but they aren't very popular.
  9. My Macy's is also a former Marshall Fields and luckily has a nice selection. I've ordered from, and purchased at Macy's. I've gotten good service from them all. Hopefully, clb1968, your Macy's will grow their Coach selection and you'll have a better place to shop. Oh, and if you see something on that you like that's new, snap it up quick as they sell out fast! Quite a few Carly's are already sold out there!
  10. I wish my Macy's carried Coach. :sad: Do you think they all will eventually?
  11. I dont think my macys will carry Coach because there is a Coach Store in the same mall. I haven't checked yet but I think I will soon.
  12. I wish my Macy's carried Coach, all they stock is Dooney & Bourke.
  13. A macy in a mall near me carries COACH,and there is a COACH boutique in there also...

    The Macy*s which I spend most of my time is the herald square one it has a decent selection.
  14. yeah. my mall doesn't have a coach store, nor does the macy's carry coach. but the malls with coach also have macy's with coach (in my experience).
  15. You think you have problems. Our Macy's doesn't carry Coach and I live in Montana where there are NO Coach stores (outlet or regular). Thankfully we travel a lot since DH works in California and saves up a ton of FF miles. I think I get more excited about Coach shopping than the actual trip itself. :roflmfao: