ugh!! LV is letting me down :(

  1. I've been looking to purchase the LV toiletry pouch 26 but it's been out of stock like forever :confused1: What the hell is going on with LV? Anytime I call they keep giving me different information some reps say 4 to 6 weeks and some say not til next year. Does anyone know how long it usually takes to restock on the web? Why are these small pieces seem like they are getting harder to get. :annoyed:
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  2. A lot of people inquire about the toiletry 26 to be used as a clutch. It's actually pretty popular and LV factories in France closed during the entire month of August. Maybe that's why you see such shortage now.
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  3. Oh! I didn't know the factories were closed for the entire month of August. Do they normally do that? I was panicking because I saw on you tube that they were limiting the Monogram canvas pieces any truth to that or just a rumor?
  4. They close their French factories every year in August for a long vacation. It's a French thing, not just at LV. We just never really notice it because August is also a down month in retail, not a lot of people shopping.

    It's just rumors. I roll eyes on the daily at all the "luxury YouTubers" trying to click-bait.
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  5. I bought one in the jungle print and it was the only pt26 in the entire store. I exchanged it 2 days later.
  6. Why did you exchange it? if you don't mind me asking I think that print is beautiful :smile:
  7. Got it!! Yea I normally don't pay much attention to them either I was just nervous because a lot of items seem to say call for availability :confused1:
  8. I have been on the waiting list (toiletry pouch 19) for like 4 months now and neither SAs or CS can tell me when they will available :sad: :sad: not even an approximate date or something.
    All they can say is that their is a shortage of supply because they are very popular items and they will call me when one is available :sad:

  9. Damn! Well at least you got on a waiting list they told me that the list was so long they weren't putting any more customers on it :sad:. I got the same response no exact date just for me to keep checking the site ..Ugh! So annoying if you ask me :annoyed::annoyed:
  10. I know :sad: I think you can get it in epi leather but I want the mono :love: I love monogram SLGs :smile:
  11. I originally bought it to go inside a mono Artsy which I couldn't bring myself to carry due to all the rain, so I returned it as well. DH instead offerred to get me the Empreinte Artsy, Empreinte Zippy, Empreinte Key Pouch, and the Empreinte ZCP.

    So basically I returned this Artsy and PT26
    For these...
    IMG_8142.jpg I am in love with the pieces I chose instead!!!
  12. What a beautiful set! Enjoy!
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  13. Yes ! They offered me the EPI but I love the Mono SLGS too ❤️❤️
  14. Stunning !! ❤️❤️ That's an excellent choice
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  15. :smile:
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