UGH! Limiting number of handbag auctions...hate Ebay!

  1. UGH....well I took so much care in taking pictures and careful wording in my listing. I went tonight to list 8 LV handbags. I was only able to list 2 of them.
    They say I have a limit on my account of 2 per week. This is completely absurd! No warnings whatsoever....and the first two I listed were ones that will probably take a couple relistings to sell.
    I've sent an email to customer care (the live help people weren't able to help)....who knows what'll happen.

    UGH.....I hate fleabay!
  2. Ugh, this just happened to me as well, after spending about 2-3 hours taking pictures and writing up a listing. The first time the whole thing crashed without saving a draft so I had to redo it all over again...THEN when I'm ready to finalize it and only then does it tell me that I can only list 2 bags for sale every 7 days. SO FRUSTRATING!!!! Please let me know if eBay will do anything if you write and complain to them. I don't know whether it's worth bothering because I'm expecting the standard generic non-response.
  3. I wasn't aware of this.

    Miri are you from UK?

    Is this a UK policy or worldwide?
  4. The idea is to attempt to curb the counterfeit sellers however, I think it's a poor attempt at stopping them as all it does is pee off the legitimate sellers. I attempted to list an item on a three days listing and the site wouldn't allow me because of this delay in certain brand names appearing in the search :cursing:

    I listed a Burberry coat and it took 24 hours to show up! What the heck is going on with eBay??
  5. In the uk now there are only around 45 chanel bags showing up ( half of them fake) the search used to show bags all over the world not any more
    I have been suspended of e bay over authentic chanel you get no where with them

    I truly think they have got paranoid and there will be a day when they wont allow any to be listed especially if dior vuitton win there case and it looks as if they might , that would open the floodgates for just about everyone else to sue them
    I personally would not invest my lifes savings to sell designer bags on e bay
    they could pull the plug in any given moment

    sorry this has happened to you , I think in the future specialist auction sites will be the way forward
  6. I am in the US. What's even weirder is that I just went back to try to add a "Buy It Now" option to one of my EXISTING listings that had already been up for a few days and it's preventing me from doing even that and giving me the same "limit" warning. WTF?! It's not even an "additional" listing, it's just revising an old one! So annoying!!
  7. I think it's a good idea :S
    I guess it's to try and reduce the fakes and scammers which may actually work.
  8. ^ I think it actually makes it harder to spot the bulk counterfeit sellers, because if someone is trying to sell a lot of the same bags it would be less obvious. I'd rather be able to see everything that a seller is offering and form my own conclusions from their offerings.
  9. Miri, you are so right!
  10. Is this rule for everyone selling higher priced handbags? and is it only for Vuitton, or is it for all bags of quality.
  11. I agree with those comments
    most of the fakes on e bay uk are chanel 2.55
    offered by individual sellers

    Reputable sellers have all gone in UK, takes ages to build good feedback of authentic items with 100 percent feedback which of course builds trust

    and repeat business, now thats all gone over here just individuals with low feedback putting fakes on
    I saw a fake chanel 2.55 sell for 564 uk pounds last week my heart wept for the purchaser

    I think Designer bags on e bay days are numbered sorry to be gloomy , but I think its realistic assumption

    e bay have gone totally paranoid
    Worlwide listings are now a joke nothing shows up outside the uk if listing in the uk now
    same with france germany etc

    bring on the competition so hope google do open online auction site doubt they will though
    I mean would you buy shares in E bay right now??
    I wouldnt

  12. Yes, I even faxed a Customer Service rep about this and the system seems to recognize revisions as a new listing. So if you've met your limit you can't revise, and if you haven't met your limit it still takes 24 HOURS for your listing to show up AGAIN! (So you lose 48 hours of listing time.) I was trying to revise a listing so I could ship to Australia since I forgot to add it in and I just gave up.
  13. I am in the US as well.
    I was able to revise one of my listings though with no problem (I made a typo on the date code and had to change a 6 to a 5).
    I am still awaiting word from trust & safety on changing my limit.
  14. UGH...48 hours later and still no response from eBay! I am now on the line with live help AGAIN!

    Good news is that so far my listings haven't been pulled! I guess that's something.
  15. The last time I listed, I was capped at 9 per week. Wonder how they determine the amount? The last time I sold was almost 2 months ago. Maybe it's lessened since then?