Ugh...just weighed myself...

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  1. and the news is terrible. I've fallen way off track. I can't bear to say how much....

    Heading straight into the holidays and I'm out of control. Beyond actually. :crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby:

    Anybody feel the same as I do? Seems like there are some really successful pf'ers here, but I"m so far behind I'll never catch up. I read a bit of the older threads so I thought I would start a new one.

    Anybody want to start over with me tomorrow morning? I figure I can ask here...if your here we have at least one thing in common (purses:yes: ), maybe I can find somebody who feels like me. It doesn't matter what morning is where you are, just need some inspiration!

    Any takers?? Pm if your shy...:s

    I figure I would just throw it out there as I'm in dire straights myself...
  2. Ok...I will start...going to have to coach myself I think.

    Had coffee at thome and then I haven't had a great morning as I've eaten only Choc covered pretzels at work that one of the girls mothers made and put next to my desk. I'm feeling a bad sugar nausea feeling that comes from too much....

    I am drinking water more coffee....
  3. I'll join you!! I want to lose 20 lbs within the next half year :smile:
    I've had so far today..1 glass of water, and 1/4 of a bagel
  4. Well I had wanted to lose 50lbs this year and I had started doing it. I lost 23 lbs by August. Since then I have put it all back on! :sad: So I will join the cause here! I want to start the new year with better habits!

    Today I did not start well, I have had a muffin and a double espresso! Tomorrow is a new day!
  5. I gained weight recently :rolleyes: So I'm with ya! Last night was the beginning of my diet. I ate dinner...err kraft dinner that is :lol: and did not eat another bite the rest of the night. That btw is extremely hard for me. The past week I've been taking my dog for a walk every night, and extra long also. I seem to have lost a whole 2 pounds, but its a beginning. Oh and I brought a banana to work today in place of one of my bars that are probably 300 calories...every little bit helps. Good luck everyone!!
  6. First do not be too hard on yourself!!! We all fall off track. From Halloween, to Thanksgiving, to a wedding, to the Holidays, I have done nothing but over eat. Everyday is a new day and you can get back on track or start a new track!! :yes:

    How would you like help?? I am happy to give any advice or motivation!
  7. I'm in the same situation. One day I weighed myself and burst into tears because I realized I had really let myself go. We can motivate each other! =)
  8. I"m with you. Until we moved south, I was doing so well; had lost 23 pounds and was working out 3x a week; I felt so good. Then the move, most of our stuff is still packed in this rental house till we move again to the new place. I've been depressed about several things and ate myself back up to almost where I began.

    I know this isn't healthy esp. at my age. While sitting here at the computer, I just went thru a bag of candy :shame: . Can I start my day over now? (It's almost 1pm Eastern time).

    Good luck to each of us!

    Megs--I'm going to search for what you wrote to Kallison that I said was "sensible and do-able". If I can't find it, I will ask you again to share it, please.
  9. I'll join in! I started a month ago (did lost 10.5 pounds) but I have 40 more pounds to go. It's so hard during the holidays and especially when you seen everyone else indulge.

    I absolutely love food and am trying to enjoy them in day at a time:yes:
  10. Megs, I found it in "What Am I Doing Wrong" thread further down this page. what about a snack in the evening? or is that a no-no?

  11. 10 lbs in a month...good job!!! I swear I lose something like 2 lbs and it's just like..goddamn..this is taking forever and then I lose my motivation. :sad:
  12. Wow...I am excited to not be alone in this horrid battle.

    Yes, I allowed this situation to happen...combination of life's battles and letting them get me down and being powerless to stop and I've focused everywhere but on what I need to focus on!! Now is the time to start...

    Update...I made it through lunch with a half sandwich of Bolgona/cheese on wheat bread! Have not touched another choc covered pretzel...

    Pm'er-Thanks for the encouragement. Please continue to PM....we can all help each other!

    Ladystara-I will join you in your goal to lose 20.

    Danica-2 lbs is a great start...

    Megs-PLEASE continue to encourage us!!!

    xikry-It took a while to put it will take a while to get it off!

    Boxermom-You are in good company...I love candy too, but I too must say enough is enough...

    Caschering-I think 20 lbs is a good starting point!

    I am trying hard to drink my water and hoping it fills me up. Trying not to stress at work. I will share I have more than 20 lbs to lose and know that I have to start with baby steps.

    Thanks for joining me...
  13. Damierlover -

    You have all of our support! It's always hard to start, but once you see some progress, it's easier to stay motivated (that's what I'm trying to tell myself:smile:

    You'll succeed!
  14. I am currently trying to find out how to make those tickers work so that they move (as you lose weight) ..I think that's a good thing for motivation!!
  15. I was in the same situation about a week and a half ago - I didn't even have the courage to way myself but my jeans were definitely getting way too tight!!! I just went nuts with the take out, muffins, bagels, ice cream etc. It was hard to get back on track but it's possible. If I can do it, you can as well. What's really worked for me is eating a ton of veggies - I even steam a huge plate of veggies for breakfast. Just think healthy and the pounds come off quickly.

    I still have yum yum carbs like waffles etc but just not overboard lol.