UGH... Just bought wallet and...

  1. I'm kind of having second thoughts. I bought the Epi Zippy Wallet Organizer in black and now I'm thinking I should have gotten the Epi Zippy Wallet in red. I can't decide... or should I just look at another wallet all together? This will go in my Mezzo, so size is not an issue. Also, I know I want it in the Epi leather. HELP!!!
  2. I would go with the red. Black is just too plain for me.
  3. i like black, goes well with anything.......
  4. ^^^ agree- red
  5. Do you like both black and red or do you prefer red but you're concerned about the red being a louder colour or harder to match? :smile:

    To help you along with your choice, I would choose the epi red cos it actually goes well with most LV bags and adds a dash of colour :smile:

    But if you really like both black and red, well umm, that's a harder choice to make then. Perhaps if you already have other wallets in dark colours then pick red.
  6. I think u shld go for the red.
  7. Go for the red!!
  8. I think the Epi red looks better... maybe you can exchange it??? but a zippy is a great choice!
  9. I prefer red because it gives a splash of color and still matches most LV bags. Black is pretty too.
  10. Orodruin, I actually don't have anythink in black. I'm just not into black. I prefer brown and color. Before my LV bags, I didn't even buy black handbags. The LV store only had the Zippy Wallet Organizer in black, but it's just so... Let's just say I dropped all that money on this wallet and I have not one ounce of excitement about it! (which is not a good sign)
  11. Go with the red. It's always fun to have a splash of color inside your bag.
  12. RED RED RED...I have a pocket organizer in red and I love it. With a wallet I feel like you can kinda add some "flava". I agree with everyone that said RED!!! Is there anything in particular about the wallet style itself that is not appealing to you or do you think it is just the color?
  13. Trugem, I can say for sure I'm not feeling the black color. As for the wallet itself, the Zippy Wallet Organizer is a bit bigger than the standard wallet size, but it does have more CC slots. I just got the wallet tonight from Saks before they closed, so more than likely I'll end up taking it back in the morning when they open. I like the Zippy Wallet and the PTI is cute too, especially in the red.
  14. Red is the color of prosperity! What better for a wallet?!
  15. Black is beautiful1