Ugh, just a rant about NPB's

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  1. Sigh, I just need to rant a little. So last month I sold 2 pairs of shoes, the bidders promised to pay, first one promised the payment after she "got herself together" because her brother died at her house. I said I completely understood and that she should contact me when she was ready to pay. I waited 2 weeks and had emailed twice and she never responded. Well after a little more searching into her feedback via toolhaus, apparently she always gives excuses when it comes time to pay. So I filed an NPB alert, she didn't respond and I got my fees back (she's now NARU since that was her third strike).
    Second pair of shoes...buyer wins, next day she emails me saying she saw she won and she'd send the payment via paypal the next day. I say ok, then a couple more days go by and no payment. I send another invoice and this time she says she'll pay via check. Of course, no check ever arrived. I file an NPB alert, she doesn't respond, I got my fees back on those.

    Now AGAIN, 2 buyers bid on my auctions that ended last Saturday. One was from Mexico and had contacted me before (a couple emails a day) asking how much to ship the item there, etc. He wins, I send numerous invoices and an email and nothing. I emailed again tonight saying that on the 7th day, I'd be filing an NPB alert.
    And a lady won a top I had up, she has good feedback, I didn't think I'd have a problem. Sent invoices after she won, emailed and haven't heard a thing from her. I emailed her again tonight saying the same thing I had also sent to the man from Mexico about the NPB alert so we'll see what transpires from these two sales.
    I don't expect people to contact me the minute they win an auction, but IMO this is way too long. I'd appreciate at least an email telling me that they even intend to pay at all.

    I'm just so sick of NPB's lately, I went for at least a year without any problems, now a bunch are showing up all at once. It's not like the things I sell are even expensive at all, I just hate when people bid up a storm then when it comes to paying, they disappear. :cursing:
  2. Oh, Lvbabydoll, I'm sorry you're having such bad luck. I never had problems with eBay until recently. I only sell a little the occasional bag, but I've had several NPB's lately. The last one signed up the day one of my auctions was ending, bid, beat out several other (higher feedback bidders) and won a beautiful handbag. No response to invoice#1. No response to invoice #2. No response to my third attempt on the 7th day. I even said that I would be happy to help her navigate eBay / PayPal because I could see she had 0 feedback. Still nothing. Finally filed a NPB and am waiting for eBay's stupid 7 day rule to get my final value credit and relist.

    I feel pretty lucky compared to you right now. I do hope things get better for you soon, hang in there!
  3. I feel your pain. We had a guy bid and win on one of the cars we had up for auction. As soon as the auction is over he emails me saying that his family is having hard times and if I can lower the price from $400! We of course not its not like this is a good family car its a sports car! He already had neg 1 feedback and he bid at the last min so we couldn't cancel it. Well suprise suprise he never pays after numerous emails were he asks when do we want him to back and us saying now! how do you want to do it. We filed a NPB. We put the car back up for auction once we got our listing fees back. He keep nagging me to let him bid he will pay this time. So I told him off and blocked him. Well we get a message from a new ebayer with 0 fb asking if he can bid. We message him back a few moer times to make sure it isn't that same guy and guess what? IT IS! We could tell because of the broken english and his typos.
    And instead of blocking him my bf lets him keep his bid bc the auction keeps going up and down bc we already cancled the other guys bid and he doesn't want it to look fishy. HE WON! UGHHHHHH! Once again no communication even though the auction states that a deposit must be made with in 24 hours. He finally sends us an email saying that he was really busy with work and school but dosn't say ANYTHING else. Weirdo! So we get another message aking if he could call us on Sat bc he was so busy (auction ended Sunday). I told him no! Ugh! So this whole time we are paying extra storage fees on the vehicle!!

    Sorry so long I an just so frustrated! And I dont get why people are sooooooo dumb like that!

    Oh yeah PO at the bf too bc its his fault he let this guy bid!
  4. :cursing: :cursing: Yesterday someone who had nothing better to do clicked on my Chanel wallet buy it now button and on several other auctions buy it now within 4 minutes...:cursing: Obviously he never got back to none of my emails...:hysteric:
  5. eBay is getting really bizarre lately. It seems like people bid on auctions for their amusement like it was some kind of video game and then are surprised when they actually win and someone expects them to pay real money.:rolleyes:

  6. True!!And now i have to pay almost 30$ to put my item on auction again...:hrmm:
  7. Thats why I do mostly 'buy now pay now' on all my auctions. Even if you may sell it a bit less than you think you would if it was a bidding auction, you're spending it anyway on relists!
  8. My zero fb bidder (previous post) never contacted me, until of course the NPB was filed. Then she gives me a sob story about a relative in another country needing money for medical so she can no longer buy the purse for herself for her birthday, and for me to please understand. Then tells me she has always paid for her purchases in the past....yeah her zero fb confirms that! She outbid other sellers to get it, I posted a 2nd chance offer and they are not interested so I am out. One thing I do understand is that she WILL be getting a NPB strike!

    I currently have 3 that was listed on Sunday that has not been paid for yet...
  9. I might have a non paying bidder on my hands so darn annoyed. Buyer submitted offer which I accepted on Monday. The next day she sends me an e-mail stating "
    Thanks, I will be sure to take care of your invoice. I need to transfer some funds from my ING account (on-line). Thank you sooo much!!!"

    Its now Friday and still no payment! I have send reminder e-mail but still no response.
  10. least I know I'm not the only one.
    And still no contact from either has NOT been a good day for me. :cursing:
  11. That's what I've been doing-I've had it with playing collection agent...not my thing.:tdown:
  12. I've had similar problems lately as well! I went over 5 years without a problem, guess I was due, huh? The first was just simply a no response & we're not talking a lot of $$ either, like $27? And then the second was a guy(girl?) from New Zealand! I state in my auctions that international bidders contact me for shipping info. Unfortunately I do not have access to ebay or my hotmail account from my office. Well, sure enough, this person HAD tried to contact me about shipping info, but I was unable to respond. So what does he do? BUY IT NOW!!! Without knowing shipping amts!!! Why would someone buy something from another country without knowing a shipping amount, plus to him I must have looked like a no communication seller! Had it been me considering buying, no way!!! I would've stayed away. So I send him the amt (over $100 for shipping) then he says he's never paid that much (oh yeah? So I sent him a print screen of Fed Ex), then he says how about he just send me some $$ to cover my relist charges. Yeah, like that happened! I've got a bunch more stuff to sell (Coach boots, nice bags); things that aren't going to be cheap to list & I keep putting it off b/c I don't want to deal with these people! So, yeah, I can definitely relate & totally feel your pain!!!!:cursing:
  13. ^Ugh that's annoying!

    So as I was gone the last 2 days I only had access to my email over my I checked my email and the buyer of the top paid me! I guess my stern email worked. :yes:
    But I don't hold out much hope for the buyer from Mexico paying..his latest fb comment is from someone saying he never paid. :push:
  14. I actually had something really strange happen to me with ebay. I still have no idea what happened and haven't heard back from the seller after the email I sent. I was looking at chanel bags, as always but there was no way I could actually bid on a bag because it was the end of the school year and I had no money so I was just looking. I looked at several great bags and lusted over them. The next day I get an email saying that I won an auction at 599 for a cambon tote! I know I didnt have a blackout and bid on the bag so I have no clue how this bid occurred. I sent the seller an email and explained to her that I was a student and could not pay that money and that I would have never bid in the first place and that I didn't know what happened. I'm sure she thought I was just making things up but I never heard back from her and didn't get any bad feedback so I'm still puzzled
  15. ^That IS weird. Once, not that long ago, I was looking at an LV CB pap and bid but lost. Then after the auction ended, I get this email from "the seller" saying the high bidder no longer wanted it and that I could contact him at his work email and he'd give me the address where I could send my payment. Um no, not going to of course, I emailed the seller and asked about it and he said that no, it didn't come from him.