ugh, Item shows up as delivered, buyer says she never got it

  1. I sold a pair of shoes. I sent them priority mail w delivery confirmation and insurance. The usps tracking number shows delivered. Girl says she never got them. USPS says that insurance no longer applies because they show delivered. She talked to the post office there and they dont' remember that specific package but that it says delivered. I spoke w my post office and they said for her to contact her post office.

    I think that I can just tell her that it says delivered, I did my part, that's it. I don't think I owe her a refund. What do you guys think? I mean, for all I know she could be totally scamming me to get free shoes (they were only $30, but still.

    What would you do? Thanks
  2. Were they signed for? Or just left somewhere?
    I've had parcels left in one of my bins before, so someone could have intercepted it if they'd happened to see it
  3. a signature wasn't required because it was not very expensive. the box was too big to fit in a mailbox, so it was most likely left at the door
  4. I had that happen to me a couple of times. First time (eBay purchase), my mailbox was completely empty that day, so I figured out that the mail was stolen. The second time (Amazon), the mailman was new, and delivered the box to the wrong address, and it came back a few days later. Ask your buyer to talk to her mail person, and see if he/she remembers delivering that package.I don't think you owe her a refund, since you're not a store. When my Amazon package was missing, they sent me another one without question (I cancelled it when the first one eventually showed up), but that's Amazon.
  5. she spoke with her carrier, and she doesn't remember that specific package, but basically told her "if it says delivered, its delivered" (which is kinda how I feel!)
  6. I think you're in the right. You've done all you could. If she wanted secure delivery she could have paid for insured shipping
  7. it was insured. but in the US, insurance covers loss, and the post office says that if the tracking number was scanned at delivery, the insurance no longer applies
  8. Doesn't the post office require signature if an item is "insured"? Even if only for $30?
  9. How much did you insure it for? If it was for under $51, they don't need to sign-over $51, signature required-I know it's offensive, but the one time I insured for full value of $30, it went missing, and the green slip was of no help-am not sure from your post how you insured-hope this helps!
  10. i would think it was no longer your issue. you sent it, have proof of sending it, insured it, proof of delivery and you are done.
  11. ^^ I agree. You have done your part. After that item leaves your hands and goes into the post office should be on them. I don't think you should refund.
  12. You absolutely do not owe the buyer a refund...she should have made arrangements if she was not home for delivery. Not your problem anymore.
  13. the usps is the worst. i was on vacation in jamaica for christmas. i had my mail on vacation hold at the post office for 2 weeks. when i returned to pick my mail up, it was not there. this was in jan. it is now march and still no sign of my vacation mail. basically they "think" my mail was thrown away in the bulk mail. the only thing i was able to do was file a report, thats it! in the future if i were you i would send anything important fedx or ups, it may cost a little more, but if your charging the buyer for it anyway, your not really out of pocket.
  14. I believe it's quite different depending on post office. When I have boxes sent to my home, Delivery Confimation will only say "delivered" when it is brought to my place, with my signature.

    However, when packages are sent to my place of work, Delivery Confimation will mark the package as "delivered" when it gets to my main post office for sorting into delivery routes -- nevermind that it might not be in my possession until the following day.

    Either way, your duty is done. The best thing the buyer can do is file a lost package claim. That's what insurance is for -- so you, as the seller, can clear your hands should the package gets lost and recovery is beyond your control.
  15. I had things like that berofe several times.LOL

    I bought things fron I forget either NM or Saks, and the tracking number said delivered, but i havent received anything..
    Apparently, they left some notes said that I have pick it up, and but maybe the wind blew the notes away...\

    so everytime it happen, i just print out the delivery confirmation things and bring it to the post office..maybe ur buyer can try that..