UGH, it finally happened!!!

  1. So, after all the months of reading others' stories about how they recieved a negative.. i finally got mine... Someone claimed that my bag was not authentic, she tried to have it authenticated, but they wouldnt do it.. so they cancelled her paypal chargeback, and she left me a NEGATIVE!!! :cursing:

    What a biatch, my feedback is ruined now and I have a wallet up for sale.. I hope the bidders or potential bidders dont see that and then not bid.. ughhhh soo annoying! Of course I replied to the feedback but hopefully that would help!! :sad:
  2. I know how you feel. I have ONE negative. It wasn't from a purse but a Disney figurine. My auction specifically stated that insurance was extra and that it was highly recommended. The buyer didn't buy the insurance and of course the figurine broke while shipping. I was not going to be out $200 when insurance was clearly offered.

    I learned my lesson and now I include the price of insurance in my shipping price and always insure instead of giving an option.
  3. ^ I suppose you know that you were liable for that figurine even though the buyer didn't buy insurance?

    You really should have purchased insurance anyway, as it is to protect the seller, not the buyer.

    If they didn't get refunded, technically you stole the $200 from them!

    Frankly, I'm not surprised they negged you! :s

    Still, at least you learned your lesson. :yes:

  4. So, just because she couldn't prove it was authentic, she left you a neg?

    If so, that sounds very unfair! Sorry that happened to you. :sad:
  5. That's really unfair. When the buyer can't prove that it's authentic, it doesn't automatically means that the bag is fake. Can you provide her with any sort of receipts, etc?
  6. you cant please everyone and other realistic buyers know that
    So many buyers are so scared of fakes now
    its madness e bay has such a bad reputation re fakes and fraud
  7. I would try to respond. A neg claiming fake would give me pause.
  8. Wear your neg with pride! It happens to the best of people!

    Consider your response though. I find that a neg may not put me off if the response is considered and even. I'm more impressed with a seller if they get a neg, but respond to it well.

    Good luck!

  9. ^^ I like that answer, Kathleen37
  10. Kiss, be sure to make a calm and rational response to your neg. Something like:

    Bag is authentic. Return it, will be happy to refund.
  11. unfortunately, most eBay sellers get a neg sooner or later..I have almost 500 fb and I have 2 negs, one from a stupid new ebayer, I sold a sweater, didn't know the zipper was a little messed up, she left me a neg without even letting me fix things. other was a printer I sold. I used to work for HP and we always ship our printers in their boxes, not in their box and then in another. she didn't like that and the printer wasn't damaged, but she thought it should have been packaged better. ugh.

    I really don't think it will hurt your sales much, go in and reply to the feedback saying something like, "100% authnetic, I have the receipt, contact me for more info, naive ebayer" or something like that
  12. That is so unfortunate, sorry it happened to you. Is ther any way you can negotiate with the buyer to mutually withdraw the feedback?
  13. After over 1600+ positivefeedbacks, I received my first neg about a year ago. A piece of crap buyer in England bought 4of my LV items. She claimed she never received the box with 3 bags in it and filed a claim. I had her SIGNATURE on delivery confirmation with customs. She tried to sell it all on eBay using MY pictures! I left her 4 negs, and because she filed a claim against 3 auctions, and she LOST her paypal case, she could only neg me once. hahaha. I got to tell everyone what a piece of s**t she was. She is the main reason why I no longer ship overseas anymore.
  14. OMG Donna this was awful!! I got one negative as well from a very problematic person , so i decided to wear my negative with pride, sometimes you have to, people would know and understand!!
  15. yup, basically.. I think its buyer's remorse