Ugh. Issue with an ebayer buyer! Help!

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  1. I hope she doesn't bother you anymore. She should have known that she would probably have to pay customs.
  2. #17 Aug 11, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 11, 2008
    I just went through a situation with a buyer myself. My stomach is still upset. You try to be a good seller- Answer all the questions, offer extra pictures and there are still problems, make suggestions on authenticity and anything else you can think of and it still comes back to bite you in the butt.
    Most non-US buyers have to be aware they will pay customs-this is why they are often asking us to mark things as a gift and lie on federal forms. They could care less if we get in trouble. I would suggest in the next auction that you just add that you are not responsible for customs fees if they order from another country. That way you cover yourself. My paragraph about returns is getting longer and longer. The problem is I doubt people read it-they just get excited and press the button.
    It blows my mind the demands people make, I have just sold about 5 bags and I am now "on vacation" from Ebay. The situation I went through with a buyer this past weekend had me all stressed-added to the stress I already am under from my own life. Some of it stems from buyer's remorse, given the cost of designer bags. Everyone is looking for something for nothing.
  3. OMG!!!!! UPDATE!!! I haven't heard from her in a month and today..

    She filed an ebay dispute against me this morning because she put the jeans on and they ripped and now she wants me to provide her with a refund!!!

    here is what she said:
    "Hello, As you may remember I purchased these from you in July. I went to wear them this morning forthe first time and they have ripped. This is obviously not common with genuine Rock & Republic jeans, I know this as I own a few genuine pairs myself all in a size 24. I would like to send them back to you for a refund as I paid alot of money for these and for them to rip straight away is totally unacceptable and they are no good to me now. I await your reply."

    How should I reply to her?! Also, in this situation...who do you think would win?
  4. OMG- Were they new? I am a big girl... so maybe she bought a pair of jeans where she tried to shove her :censor: into them and they ripped? [I have unfortunately ripped a pair of jeans yanking on the belt loop or squatting when I shouldn't have :crybaby:] That is all assuming they ripped....

    Maybe this is just a new way to get the money back for buyer's remorse.

    After 1 month, no way no how would I refund
  5. OMG that's awful!!
    She's had them since July and now decides to file an ebay dispute?!? First she wants you to give her money for the customs duty and then this! :cursing:
    I take it that this is only an ebay dispute and not a Paypal dispute?
    I would reply in the dispute that she originally asked for money due to having to pay for her own countries customs taxes which you politely refused and explained to her that customs duty was the responsibility of the buyer and not the seller. And that now over a month later is asking for a refund because they apparently ripped when she tried them on.
    I would say sorry but too much time has passed for you to be able to do anything.
  6. The jeans were brand new! I was FURIOUS when I saw the ebay dispute. I don't even know how to reply to her because i just want to tell her how ridiculous she is!

    I would be upset too if I purchased a brand new pair of jeans and they ripped, but I wouldn't go off and blame the seller

    Who knows what she's been doing with the pants for a MONTH! and now she seems to be questioning the authenticity of my jeans too! RIDICULOUS!

    and yes, bigbag, it is just an ebay dispute as of now..
  7. And I mean is there a woman in the world who buys a brand new pair of jeans (or any type of clothing for that matter) and doesn't try them on immediately when they buy them to see if they fit?
  8. if the jeans ripped after a month of her having them...why should that be your responsibility? she had them for a month!
    i hope ebay takes into consideration that once she received the jeans they become her property and her responsibility. i would be pissed if a new pair of jeans ripped but then,i can't blame the quality of manufacture on the seller or the shop i got them is too short.
    or you could sweetly tell her that ripped jeans are coming back:rolleyes:
    good luck!
  9. Oh my Gosh, so sorry for this lame buyer, the first time I got hit with VAT I was a newbie and It never crosed my mind to ask for the money back from the seller... when I get something new be it from the store, ebay or anything I wear it inmediatelly, so I think she used them for a while... she´s having some buyers remorse.... or decided not to keep this jeans because she doesn´t like them..... she´s just so lame..... hope she doesn´t win...
  10. no way is it seller problem, customs in the uk are hotting up, everybody is being caught with bills, it might be her 1st, but that is NOT down to you, if she leaves neg, you must respond with why the neg, any sane person will realise its the buyers problem good luck alfie x
  11. this person sounds like a nightmare, let her stew, buyers remorse me thinks, dont back down, you have done nothing wrong, even if they have ripped, she has had a month to think about it alfie x
  12. Tell her to pull out her sewing machine and sew them.....and quit her whining......UGH.......she should have tried them sooner????

  13. :thinking:errr no way! i can't wait to rip that package open and try it, she is trying to get her money back anyway she can now, tell her to sod off, did she leave you feeback?