Ugh. Issue with an ebayer buyer! Help!

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  1. I recently sold a pair of jeans to a buyer in the UK. She messaged me saying that she had not received the jeans in about 2 weeks. I told her she should probably check her post office because sometimes it gets held up in customs.

    I got a message from her today saying:
    "Hi there
    I got the jeans today but I had to pay a customs fee of £17. This was not mentioned when I purchased the jeans and I would like this refunded to my paypal account as soon as possible.
    Thank you"

    How the heck should I even respond to this? I think it is slightly ridiculous because she should know that if she makes a purchase from the US to be shipped to her, she will need to pay customs fees. I marked the package as a gift and the value that she won it for ($103). She isn't an ebay newbie and has like 477 feedback. I get the feeling she is going to leave me negative feedback if I do not pay for her customs fees.

    Anyone have similar issues like this? Please help!!
  2. Customs fee's are always the responsibilty of the buyer not the seller. She had the choice of buying the jeans from you, and she knew you are in the US.
    If I were you I would politely point out that you have no control over customs and that if she feels that she shouldn't have had to pay the charge to contact customs directly to try and resolve it.
    Hope it works out for you. xxx
  3. Agree with above poster.
  4. I agree too. It's her problem, and especially if she has 477 feedback I am sure that she has bought from the US before. If she threatens negative feedback it's feedback extortion, which ebay does usually take seriously. Just politely inform her that customs fees are out of your control and the responsibility of the buyer. If she wishes to take it up with ebay, she can, but that it is their policy. (Which it is).
  5. As someone in the UK and having purchased a few items from the US and Canada, I find it hard to believe she wouldn't know about the customs charge. Marking the item as a gift has no effect unless the item is under about $40 or so as it'll be VAT she has been asked to pay plus a handling charge by the Post Office or Parcelforce (which can charge up to £8 for sending out a letter and holding a package!!).

    Tell her it's her responsibility to pay Customs charges for any items entering the UK from outwith the European Community...:yes:
  6. She shouldn't be buying items from other countries if she's this ignorant about customs. It's her responsibility.
  7. Take the negative. This was 100% not your fault. As everyone else said, customs is the responsibility of the buyer, not the seller. She should have known better. Good luck!
  8. Refer her to ebay's policy on customs charges. You were under no obligation to warn her, but you might want to mention it on future listings to avoid this happening again.
  9. Hi Evelyn, good to see you here. :smile:
    Sorry you had a problem with your UK buyer. I don't know what she bought from you but $103 sounds like a steal for a pair of jeans in UK even with GBP17 customs fees. You had some great advices from the ladies here. I know you must be angry but try to be nice in your answer to her and tell her you're sorry she had to pay customs; which she should be aware of and that it is out of your control, not everybody got caught at customs and she was just one of those unlucky persons that have been "picked" randomly by by them (which is true). I have had several buyers like yours, I believe one also have +400 feedbacks too (maybe the same one?) and once I explained to them the whole thing. They agreed they were happy with their items and left me alone! :yes:
  10. Yep, another UK buyer here who always factors in customs fees when she buys from North America. And she did get a bargain anyway! A polite reply confirming that, unfortunately, the fees are her responsibility would be the limit of my response. Although it is horrid if she gives you a negative, you can leave a factual reply and it demonstrates you are not someone who bows to threats which is effectively what hinting at leaving a negative amounts to when there is no justification for negative feedback. Do let us know how you get on.
  11. i really can't believe there are people about (especially on ebay) that don't know about customs and the fees, i totally agree with all the other ladies responses. have you replied yet ?
  12. As a UK buyer i always factor in the approx. cost of customs before i purchase ANYTHING. The first time i got caught out because i didnt know about customs - and it totally sucked! Justpoint this buyer in the direction of the UK Customs website (google it and you should find it) and theywill be able to contact customs directly if they feel there is an issue.

    I would advise you in future to state in your listings that you aren't responsible for customs fees in any way shape or form. Just so that everybody who looks at your listings knows where they stand. So many people miss it out - and yes there are people in the world who are oblivious to customs! x
  13. As a buyer i am always aware of extra fees that COULD appear from customs when i buy from the US (or anywhere else for that mater!)... It is simply rude and quite cheeky of her to ask you to refund that. Hope she will learn from it and will take it responsibly, good luck
  14. Thanks for all of your replies! I replied back to her and very nicely explained that I have no control of custom fees and that if she has any issues with it, she needs to contact the customs office directly.

    She hasn't responded back at all...I am not surprised...
  15. Another crazy person in the world! Hope all is fine and she doesn't responed evelynmp.