UGH..In a rut..

  1. hi all,
    I've been lurking over here for a while. I'm currently 5'5 and about 150 (fluctuates a couple pounds above or below depending on day/time,. etc.). I carry it somewhat well....but I've got big thighs, the tummy pooch, and big upper arms. I just also feel lazy and fat. I stare at myself in the shower and groan. I don't "need" to be skinny or anything and don't have an "ideal" weight...rather I would just like to be toned, in shape and healthy.
    I have horrible eating habits. In a typical day I'll drink around 6-8 cans of Coke. Usually a Coke for breakfast, maybe a couple slices of toast or a granola bar...I mostly skip lunch and just drink coke. For dinner it is sometimes a bag of potato chips (if I don't feel like cooking) & coke. I eat after 7 PM...usually more coke & chips. It's awful...I know!
    I know Coke is bad, I know about carbs and sugars and starches. It sucks!
    The thing hubby is very overweight and happy with himself. My brother-in-law lives with us and he had gastric bypass surgery 1/5 years ago and he's starting to put back on the weight because he doesn't eat healthy or exercise. I can't get anyone in my house to eat healthy (even though hubby has diabetes)...and I can't force them to do it...they're adults and they'll go to grocery store and buy chips. My brother-in-law constantly brings home bad food and I usually throw it away. I couldn't get my husband to exercise if his life depended on it.
    All my weight gain has been since I was married (in almost 7 years I've gone from 118 to 150....I know I'm getting older - from 21 to 28 now- and some of it is metabolism BUT not all of it).

    I just feel in a rut. I love spending time with hubby and he likes me the way I am ...but I don't. I love coke and kinda sorta don't want to give it up entirely....I spent $300 on new jeans recently....if I lose weight they won't fit...all stupid excuses for not starting something.

    Why is it so hard to get motivated!!??!!
    How did you start a healthy lifestyle and get/stay motivated??

    Sorry for the long ramble...just frustrated!
  2. you really can't lose weight until you're psychologically ready to. i felt like crap all winter because i knew i was gaining weight, but i just couldn't push myself to change anything, and then it got a little warm outside, and i was suddenly ready. i haven't looked back. one day, it will click for you how bad you're being to yourself and no one will be able to stop you. changing your diet and how you treat yourself is about love and respect more than it is about food, which is why you can't do it until you're right about it in your head. so spend some time thinking about that, and maybe soon, you'll be ready.
  3. About two years ago I felt like you..I also just couldnt get motivated. I was so addicted to diet coke that at 4pm everyday i HAD to have one, I literally craved coke. I eventually cut down without realising it and I feel so much better, less bloated and lethargic. I don't even like diet coke anymore!! and I was an addict. I haven't had one for about 4 or 5 months (I can't even remember) and my stomach is naturally flatter now. You should do small steps like cutting down to 2 a day and drinking water instead.
  4. I agree that you will know when you are ready. Could you cut back on the Coke gradually. Maybe have a glass of juice or water in the mornings with your breakfast, then try to cut out the one at night, and so on? Cutting carbonated beverages made a difference for me within 2 weeks. My pants were a lot looser, I couldn't believe it! Really helped me stay motivated.
  5. Thanks for the advice all....I desperately need to kick the coke habit (that sounds really bad lol)...I thought about this all afternoon. Maybe every week I could cut one out of my day until I was down to zero. It might take 2 months, but it would be gradual. I've been thinking about other things too....cut out potato chips one week. Maybe just gradual is the way to do it....a little at a time.
    Luckily I'm moving to a new neighborhood which is really safe and in the suburbs (instead of living in the middle of city like I do now) so I can walk my dog further and naturally get exercise.
    What is sad is that I have free gym membership because of school (and our gym is kick butt because of being a top athletic program in country) and I don't take advantage of it.
    *sigh* I just need to reassess and get myself psychologically ready to make a change.
    I'll keep you posted...and thanks for the support!
  6. good luck
  7. You'll do it, twiggers, just take it slowly! The hardest part is realizing that you can't make a dramatic change overnight. Just work out a bit every day, change an eating habit every week, and you'll start to get more motivated as the changes add up. I'm in a similar position right now and I just keep telling myself that if I keep at it a bit at a time eventually I'll be back to where I want to be.
  8. what I always tell me myself is Ill try very hard for 2 months and if I havent lost anything / improved by then Ill just eat chips and donuts on the sofa for the rest of my life. And of course I end up losing weight so I carry it on for longer but at least I feel like I have a get-out clause if it doesnt work and knowing its "only for 2 months" makes me much more motivated.
  9. It's great that you have a dog and are moving someplace where you guys can walk. No matter how tired I am, I can always go for a short walk (which I can't say about running or more intense excercises!) To me, walking is the absolute foundation of a good fitness program. Once you start walking, you'll feel better:smile:
  10. thanks all! I love walking with my dog (and I think he loves it even more!) so I hope that will help a little! I'm going to seriously start contemplating a plan to get motivated....give up a little bit here and there....I think the coke is the worst culprit of weight gain and giving it up is probably a very good start to weight loss!
    Thanks all for the supporting words!
  11. good luck twiggers...just take it one coke at a time!!!
  12. maybe you could switch to diet coke now and then gradually cut those down? that way you will see faster results, if you drink 8 normal coke cans a day you're replacing 1120 calories a day (CRAP that is a lot!)...with zero...and not really missing out on the whole soda drinking ritual cold turkey, while still being able to lose about 2 pounds a week.
    but if you only cut out one coke per week, you're losing 140 calories = 4% of one pound.

    just an idea. best of luck on your weight loss efforts! I know it isn't easy but it is so worth it, especially if you can make your family healthy too!
  13. thanks bethany! I'm the only coke drinker left in the family (but they do drink alot of high sugar fruit drinks).....the way you make it sound though....OMG that many calories a day? yikes!!!! no wonder the scale has been steadily creeping up the last couple years!
  14. Yeah soda will do it to you so slowly that you don't even notice until it's too late.

    I used to drink 4 or 5 of those huge 24oz Mt. Dew's a day. (That's one of the reasons I gained 50lbs, lol.)

    After I cut them out, started eating better, and working out, I lost it and I can wear the same size I did in high school.

    Try this: Cut one coke a day out of your diet for a whole week. So if you drink 6 a day drink 5 a day for a whole week, the next week drink 4 a day for that week; and so on.

    That's how I helped a friend of mine kick her alcohol habit. well, it was more like an addiction (around 20 shots a day!), but she did is slowly and she only drinks in social settings and no more than 3 drinks tops.

    Oh, and start Yoga. It will make you feel better and improves flexibility and body functions.
  15. Thanks for the tip! As soon as I can commit myself to do this I will start a thread/diary of it!
    I did go out this weekend and buy a nice that if the jeans start feeling loose I'll be prepared...ironically one of the reasons I say "oh I'm happy with my weight" is because I just spent a good amount of money on a bunch of designer jeans and wanted to wear them for a long while. But heck with it...I'll just make the belt tighter!!!
    I think next week I am going to keep a diary of my coke habit (how many cans/bottles a day)...and then get a starting point for how many to drink per day.