Ugh...I'm sorry!

  1. I've had a crappy week. Relationship issues (nothing major), work was overwhelming last night culminating with a confrontion with a fellow employee, and I'm super tired. So, sorry if I've been pissy.

    And to top it off, I can't seem to edit my posts!!! Grammar and spelling errors...oh the humanity!
  2. Oh that sucks, hopefully things will get better tomorrow ! Stay with us !
    It's my personal remedy
  3. hey charles! i have not read your posts recently so you have not offended me.

    i think it is very commendable that you stepped up to acknowledge you have been less than gracious. but you have hit a sore point i have with people. why do we say if i have been..... i love the sincere sorry i have been.

    this is just a pet peeve and i'm asking what you think about it. my husband is a big iffer and it drives me nuts. :yes:
  4. Ok, I'm not quite getting this part
  5. :shrugs: :noworry:

    No worries..If noone here has ever been cranky and had a bad week...Then they are totally full of it!!LOL!
    Hope things work out and your week improves!
  6. Hope your week gets better!
  7. i haven't noticed anything that should bother folks, so no worries, we all understand having a bad week (and i, in particular, understand having COWORKER issues). i will say that i've enjoyed your posts since you joined. it's nice to have a guy around.

    and this is completely unrelated, but i've wondered, so i figured i'd ask: it seems to me from your posts that you're a straight guy, so what brings you to the purse forum?
  8. I am a straight guy :smile:
    I mentioned why in my "Be Honest" thread. I was looking into Dior purses and glasses for the gf and stumbled in here.

    Thanks for understanding, and if anyone has any future (or current ;) ) issues with me, don't hesitate to talk to me. I'm very open to constructive criticism and prefer to get feelings out in the open.
  9. I've read your recent posts and haven't been offended. Hope your week looks up. Just stick it out.
  10. Queen: but you have hit a sore point i have with people. why do we say if i have been..... i love the sincere sorry i have been.

    I think it will become clear with some punctuation and emphasis added:
    ...but you have hit a sore point I have with people. Why do we say, "if I have been....."? I love the sincere: "Sorry, I have been..."

    referring to when you said: "So, sorry if I've been pissy."

    btw, love having you around the PF and reading your posts :smile:
  11. btw, I'm a h.s. English teacher, so...I just can't resist helping out with that ;)
  12. hugs...
  13. Haven't noticed that you've been particularly pissy, so don't think too much of it. On the upside, like the others have said, it's been fun having a guy around!

    Hope ya week picks up for a fab weekend! :smile:
  14. I guess I say "if" cause I'm not sure whether or not that's the case. I'm all for confrontation and I don't equate confrontation with being rude. Some people do. For example, the lady at work who wasn't doing her job and got upset after I called her on it. I guess I've been told that I'm sometimes a bit rough around the edges...that on top of my work/relationship issues...on top of the fact that this is a new place for me and I'm not really sure how sensitive you guys are... thus the thread. :smile:

    But yes, I quite like it here, so thanks for udnerstanding.
  15. I have the same problem at work so I feel your pain! I am not one to be diplomatic. My boss recently described me as "caustic and brusque" , words which 1) I was unaware she even knew, and 2) describe me pretty well actually.

    Anyway, hope your week improves! Don't worry too much about offending people, there are always hypersensitives in every crowd.