UGH! I'm so irritated at NM re: Chloe Edith..I won't be getting one

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  1. Well, NM took all my preorder info and assured me I'd get one through their "locker stock". I just called this morning and they were all cancelled. Now I'm not going to get my Edith! I'm so ticked off. I really wanted it and now she can't promise me anything.
  2. Call Saks ,bala cynwyd,PA...ask for Donna...she is still taking names for their list for Ediths......she can get it..shes very good at finding all my bags!( I am on the list...its not too bad!)Good luck!
  3. Oh, I'm so sorry to hear that. Hope you'll find your Edith bag somewhere else!
  4. girl, I'm so sorry. I know exactly how you feel. It's happened to me a few times. Perhaps you can call Chloe NY (212) 717-8220 or Chloe Costa Mesa (714) 481-0308 and see if they still have any. Also, you can email and see when or if they'll be getting another shipment. Hope things work out for you.
  5. I am so sorry to hear that. That is so fustrating. They should not take orders they can not keep.
  6. Chloe NYC is no longer taking names for their waiting lists.

    I hope you find your bag, girlsgottoshop.
  7. Don't trust what they say now, they will show up again. NM ALWAYS does this. I remember trying to get a Stam when they first came out. They'd show up on the site, I'd order, then they'd cancel my order. I called them with my frustration and they said their stock was depleted and they didn't have any sort of wait list to assure I'd get one. Boom, a few days later it would show up and if I hadn't been paying attention, they would have sold out again to customers who ordered after I did! I ended up with about five bags in the end, lol. Keep watching.
  8. I would not bother with Chloe SCP (Costa Mesa) either. They were expecting to receive 20 or so with a wait list around 150...
  9. ...I think the Chloe boutiques try to make it LOOK like the bags are unobtainable when they can easily be found elsewhere. I learned with the Paddy that there are ALWAYS bags to be found and I saw it as some sort of challenge, lol.
  10. I am with you, Daisy. The hunt is part of the fun I think... Identify the prey, search for the prey, catch sight...shoot...claim your prize! Every once in a while a missed shot, but the hunt then continues...
  11. it is sooo true....the nyc store said forget the python betty....yesterday sitting there is a python betty...same with patent..they always turn up after the list frenzy cools down. and they will up the production on edith next season. everyone will be able to get one. i think they create a frenzy then fill the demand.
    it was that with the speedy murakami coudlnt' get one to save your they are everywhere now.
  12. And the high demand of course will warrant an increase in price, no doubt.

    I agree with Daisy and SoCal regarding the chase. It's half of the fun for me.
  13. That sucks! I am not having too much faith in NM pre-orders, especially since my B. Fendi order was canceled :sad:
  14. I try not to relive the Murakami days! Seems like there were posters returning their Ediths on the board a few days ago.
  15. Thanks girl for all of your support!!! I will never trust NM again. They suck! If anyone doesn't want their Edith, please PM me.
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