UGH...I'm flip flopping about a bag....

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  1. Anyone had this happen?

    I was all excited about the patchwork speedy when I saw the Scar Jo ads. I LOVE speedies and so it seems natural to want it. I waitlisted and the current price in the book is $1050 and now the date is 3/1 for release (originally was 2/15).
    I didn't like the Dentelle at all...and now it's growing on me and yet that price was increased to $1290 (from $1260) and the released pushed up.

    I'm torn.....about whether to continue to get the patchwork speedy...or forgo it and buy something else.....UGH. What to do?!?
    I had planned to have them just ship the patchwork speedy and see the Dentelle IRL...but I'm wondering if I should go in to see the patchwork speedy now.
    The things I keep tossing around:
    1. Price of patchwork speedy...i.e. if it does increase to above $1300 then it is just to much IMO
    2. Is it just too trendy? I tend to prefer bags that I KNOW I will wear in 5 years, as opposed to something that comes & goes.

  2. I just have to wait..stay on the list and decide later..if you need a quick fix for LV now..just get something pomme d'amour cles..:smile: :love:
  3. To be COMPLETELY honest I do think that the denim patchwork speedy is alittle on the trendy side. I would wait to see it IRL and then make up my mind.

    I totally know what you mean...its awful not knowing for sure if you really want something or not :sad:
  4. Honestly, Twiggers, I would pass on the speedy. Save your $$$ and wait for the fall stuff to come out. Hopefully, by then Marc Jacobs will go off acid and maybe we'll see some wearable stuff.:wacko: JMHO.
  5. i'd say stay on the list and wait til you see it IRL, Miroir grow on a lot of pp after they see it IRL, so ya never know :smile:
  6. I am curious to see the dentelle IRL...I wonder if the flowers would start to peel off...I asked about this while I was in the store today and my SA said it was painted on and then smoke screened or something like that...

    Maybe you can buy the dentelle and then exchange it for the patchwork speedy when that comes out (if you like it better)...

  7. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: @ the acid reference! Too funny Irene!

    Thanks for the advice ladies.....maybe I'll have to make two trips to the city and check them both out IRL and decide. Maybe I just got so excited since this is only my second season of LV (started last April)...and wanting LE pieces.

  8. I KNOW I am loving it...even though I'm not a Vernis fan! It is gorgeous and would be a great bag charm.
  9. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: I like that...
  10. This might help your decision....the denim speedy was supposed to be it is 1890!!! :sad: No sure it's as cute anymore!! :shrugs:
  11. ^Thanks for posting! I think ppl thought I was :nuts: when I mention the price went up to $1860?...$1890!

  12. Michele: Where did you hear that from? An SA in the US? The Mihcigan Acenue store is telling me it's still $1050. Heck I'm out if it climbs anywhere near $1300. That sure makes my decision easier.
  13. So that the explanation for all the buttons and patchwork hodge podge stuff?
  14. LOL...I was thinking crack...but acid makes much more sense. Maybe he was popping 'schrooms too!
  15. The denim speedy is $1400 plus right now, so it's not absurd that this one would cost even more money!