Ugh, I'm about to explode!!!

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  1. Why is it that I've been searching for like 2 years for all of these designer shoes that I can NOT find??? I can't take it anymore. I check eBay like 5 times a day....I'm Googling twice a day......why can't there be like an outlet of previous season designer shoes.......or why don't they just make them for people like me?!?!?! It'll make my life soo much easier and stress-free :crybaby: :hysteric:

    Aww, why am I such a shoe & purse addict?! :crybaby:
  2. Which ones are you looking for????
  3. I'm looking for Miu Miu's, Pucci's, Choo's, Yves Saint Laurent's, Earl Jean's....that's all I can think of right now :crybaby:
  4. I understand. I found Tayrn Rose shoes only about 8 months ago. I wanted a new pair of knee high boots to wear with skirts. When she same out with the knee high boot in her collection I didn't like the style. Too much was going on.

    Then I saw a picture of one from last year's collection and it was EXACTLY what I was looking for. It is just a basic leather knee high boot with a 2" heel and round toe. I also love her knee high boots because she makes them for thin calves. The style is called "Lucky".

    Unfortunately even Donald Pilner's stretch boots we too wide about the legs and would fall down on me when I walking around the store. No shoe store could recommend anything narrower.

    On a positive note I found a website for a boutique in NJ that had some of the shorter Taryn Rose boots for last year left in my size so at least I found something.
  5. I know what you mean. I wish the designers would atleast custom make them for people. Keep looking, eventually you might find something. Good luck!
  6. Thanks for the positivity.....still trying..
  7. Maybe try a luxury goods finder? You know, one of those serives that look for stuff for you, a concierge luxury service.
  8. If you post pics on TPF, maybe someone will happen to see one somewhere and can notify you. I know that carries Jimmy Choo's from past seasons.
  9. Good thinking! Here are some pics!
    Emilio Pucci Crisscross Platform Slide Pink Yellow.jpg Miu Miu.jpg Miu Miu Clogs.jpg Miu Miu Clogs Black.jpg Jimmy Choo Poppy Towelling Wedge.jpg
  10. Ok, last set
    Gucci High-Heeled Clog Nut.jpg Earl Jean Cork Wedge Clog.jpg Yves Saint Laurent Rive Gauche Rose.jpg
  11. Are you familiar with off Saks 5th ave.?? They carry past season shoes from all the designers you have shown. Call them up and see if you can either name the shoes or email them the pics to them.
  12. Oh I am not familiar with that. Is the name "Off Saks 5th Ave"?
  13. There are several pairs of the terry cloth Jimmy Choo's on eBay right now, but not in white. I saw pink and a blue flowered print. (These two colours pop up on ebay quite often.)
  14. Yes, it's the outlet version of saks fifth ave. which is a dept. store in ny but they actually branched out nation wide.
  15. I know what Sak's is...just didn't know they had an outlet. That's pretty cool! If you ever come across any of those shoes (or are willing to sell) please let me know!!