UGH! I went to order Azur Speedy and its...

  1. OUT OF STOCK! It was there earlier on Eluxury! So mad!

    Is there any way I can call and order it?

    I need it now!

    If I can't call and order it does that mean I have to either wait til it comes back into stock (how long does that take?) or go to the store- 3 hours away?
  2. That is such a beautiful bag! Take a weekend trip and get it!!! Unless Elux can get it to you soon!
  3. Ok I just went to check again and it says it's in stock! What the heck!

    Sorry for the useless thread... trying to roder now. LOL
  4. Actually have a question about Gift Box option... What does that mean- Do you still get the Louis Vuitton box? Or just an eLuxury box and should I bother with the gift box option?
  5. If you do not select the gift box option, you will still receive a Louis Vuitton brown box.
  6. What if I do select it?
  7. If you have a Neimans near you they might have one. I know that the LV store ships as well. I'm not sure what the right way to do it is but if you go to the LV Website and call the nearest store I bet they could ship one to you.
  8. congrats on the speedy! (when you get it anyways)

  9. Thanks!

    So it says it's in stock but now I am having trouble with my credit card going through

    I just paid it off today and have enough on it to pay for it- the payment had posted today. So I figured I could use it.

    I have sent an email to eluxury asking for info on why it has been declined.

    Any info on this? Do I just need to wait a little bit?

    Maybe it wasn't meant to be...
  10. ^^^
    I think you need to CALL Elux and speak to someone.
  11. Congrats on your new speedy. I was looking at them on on Sat. I really like the Azur Speedy
  12. Call 800LV or the LV store 3 hrs away and have them ship it to you.

    I've been carrying my Azur Speedy 30 for the past three weeks straight. I adore it so very much.

    Congrats on yours!
  13. So I just called them and the quickly placed the order for me! I don't know what the problem was!

    She said it should be here before next Thursday.

    Has anyone had it come faster? I just got standard shipping.

    Thanks for all your help guys!

    I'm so excited!

  14. ^^^congrats! glad you got worked out!
  15. congrats! congrats! lets celebrate when the bag arrives!