ugh, i want the zippy!

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  1. There's a preowned zippy up on ebay for $225 BIN... I wonder if it's worth it? I want a zippy and I just got a BH. :sad: It would match so nicely...

  2. There's one on ebay for that price??? If you like, then go for it, if its what you want. I'm also looking for a wallet. but not yet sure what style I want.
  3. I forgot to ask, do you know if its authentic? To be honest, that price is too good to be true. But ebay is a place for deals. so I thought I would ask if you know its real.
  4. Fairly certain! /takes it to the authentication thread
  5. Ooh, that's the zippy I pointed out on the deals thread! I hope someone on tpf gets it....could it be you? hehehehe...

    Really, if I had the money I would definitely get it; it's such a good deal...
  6. I don't believe that is the Zippy organizer. The Zippy organizer is HUGE and has tons of compartments...that wallet is called the Zipped purse, which let-trade had on his site for $249 for a few weeks.

    The links to Elux are not working, but if you go to the elux site, search for "zipped purse" and "zippy organizer", you'll be able to tell the difference. The zipped purse is $465 and the Zippy is $645. IMO the zipped purse isn't very useful since it only has 2 CC slots.
  7. ^Ahh...I should've probably clarified that. Thanks, Karman! I still would get it...*sigh* But I already have a walllet...
  8. No prob :flowers:
    I like how it zips up...but two CC slots is a turn off! Or else I would've bought the one from let-trade when it was still there!
  9. Ooh, thanks for the clarification. It's still pretty nice... Though you're right about the two cc slots being a negative. Hmmmmmmm...