Ugh,I suck (impulse half-buy)

  1. I have always wanted a Fendi Spy bag in black,but they were never available in this country. It wasn't about the hype;it was about the bag.

    So I just happened by my bag and shoe boutique this afternoon and there she was...a black Fendi Spy.

    I thought to myself, "Spy's were a fad and are OVER. It's much smaller than you'd imagined. Silver hardware? Apart from your Chanel Jumbo you don't do silver hardware. You really shouldn't spend this money. Hobo style bags no longer do it for you.". etc etc etc.

    But the other voice was much louder;the one that screamed YOU'VE ALWAYS WANTED A BLACK SPY AND HERE IT IS!!!

    Fortunately I didn't pay for the whole thing;the store doesn't give refunds, only store credit. So I put down 500 euros for them to put the bag aside for me.

    Now I'm home and have extreme buyers regret. I need to call them tomorrow,cancel the hold and get a gift certificate. They are valid for a year,so there should be something between now and then that I want to buy there.I didn't want 500 euros tied up at some store. We've just bought a house and I have LOADS of decorating to do.I'm also putting together my winter wardrobe.Plus,this store gets all the mainstream designers,but I've been wanting to buy the rest of my shoes/boots for winter from the more avant garde shoe shop (AF Vandevorst,Dries van Noten etc).

    I'm just so irritated with my idiotic self. I'm sure no-one would have bought the bag if I'd just gone home to think it over. And once I was here,I would have felt the same way I do now.

    Please tell me of some other dense impulse buys,people...
  2. LOL I make many impulse buys but usually end up loving them :smile:
  3. I'm not a big impulse buy person, but if you really truly love the bag, it will never be "over." :yes:
  4. Gosh, I dont think the spy is over at all! Imagine how amazing this bag would look with your gorgeous boots this winter, and black is going to go with everything.

    Perhaps you feel guilty as, like you say, you have other things to spend your money on at the moment, so are looking for reasons to not go for it, but it really would be used, and mine fits easily under the shoulder, so its not a hobo bag really ;)

    ahh good luck with your decision. Was it on special offer?
  5. I'm in the minority here in saying if your heart is 100% into it, then you probably shouldn't buy the bag. You've already mentioned many things that you would prefer to spend the money on- the house, winter wardrobe. So, give it a few days and then re-evaluate if you want the spy bag or not. Good luck!
  6. They won't even refund your money on a hold? I am sorry you made a decision you regret. I personally love Spy bags!
  7. I love a black spy too, but if you aren't feeling it then you should definitely get something else..
  8. I have buyer's remorse on a bag I haven't even gotten yet! I got all carried away with the Neiman Marcus 100th anniversary Balenciaga bag and called a store a couple thousand miles away to get one. I've been waiting for a couple of weeks for it now, and am finding that I don't actually want it anymore. I don't like giant hardware, I don't think I really need a blue bag...basically, I have no idea why I bought it in the first place other than reading other people's posts about it and feeling bored.

    Fortunately, I can at least send the silly thing back as soon as I receive it and get a full refund.
  9. I think if you are unsure and having regrets already and you dont even have the bag with you then thats definetly a sign that the bag is not for you. It sucks that you cant get your money back though.
  10. this is what i'm thinking...i would do my best to get the money back (typically putting something on hold is just that) and if they won't budge, you can always resell to get your money back.

    the spy is still going strong and always will, imho! my favorite is the black. the leather is gorge!
  11. I'm def having buyers remorse right now. I usually do when I spend too much money for a college student on one item. I just bought a coach wallet that I let get away from me once from eBay. It wasn't unreasonable, but now I could really use that money! I'm trying to head out to San Fran next week and that money could have DEF helped get me there. I don't really need a new wallet, mine is working just fine, although it is starting to stretch and not hold cards....UG!
  12. Thank you for reading,commiserating and providing advice,everyone!! I will have a go at getting my money back,though I'm prepared if I can't.

    This really should be a lesson to me. :yes: I often impulse buy,but not usually when SO many things are saying "Just don't."
  13. It happens to everyone somedays. Your son (?) is adooorable!
  14. Good luck!
  15. Yes,he's my son,and thank you very much :greensmile:

    I meant to say, kimberf,glad you are able to return your bag. One can get so carried away!! I think half my problem is that I really want a new bag,but there isn't one that really "grabs" me this season.

    I cancelled my order but can't get my 500 euros back. i took a pair of Marc by marc pumps (mustard yellow,patent,pointy...divine!! :heart:) and will check next week when they have new stock whether there's anything else I want. Otherwise it'll have to stay with me till Spring/summer next year...