Ugh I Should Be On A Ban, Girls!

  1. How do you guys NOT buy a bag when you SHOULD be on a ban? I'm dyinnnnng but I know I should wait a few more weeks so I know what my holiday bills are and all my money is in order.

    .....BUT the bag I want is 25% off and I am afraid I won't be able to find it again!

    What to do ladies? I need some encouragement to either buy the bag (down $450 from $625) or "be responsible" and not do it. DECISIONS DECISIONS.
  2. I've found that I'm usually responsible, but that has sometimes led to extreme grief! I've waited a little too long for some bags that I have never found again and I still regret it. I think as long as it's a reasonable sum, just do it. If you're talking the difference between paying your mortgage or being able to eat vs. buying the bag, forget the bag!!
  3. Rachieface, is it the small Sophie satchel you're looking for? I love that bag so much I have it in three colors... I think more sales will be happening in the future, and Botkier is rumored to be having an online sample sale in January (I called and was told no, but others were told yes). Also, you could resort to stalking eBay for a deal (this would be my modus operandi:yes:). I think if you can wait, you will find a better deal than $450.

    I am hopeful than I can remain on a purse ban for a while because I really am content with the bags I have now.

    Let us know what you decide!
  4. I agree! There have been times when I have lusted after a particular bag so much that I found myself filling the "void" with bags I ended up not liking as much...
  5. UGH it's the Sophie Small tote! It's literally haunting me. I just keep seeing the amount of Sophie's available online dwindling - but maybe that's my imagination.

    I've strangely enough never bought a bag on eBay. I'm always a LITTLE bit too cynical thinking that I am getting a deal that is too good to be true. And I'm always afraid that if there is something wrong with it then it will be such a hassle to return!

    I've been thinking about waiting for the rumored online sample sale. That would obviously be the smart choice. --Thanks for knocking some sense into me. I need it sometimes!