Ugh.. I regret my purchase... Speedy damier!!

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  1. Hello, I posted a few weeks ago that I bought the Damier speedy 30.. well, I am regreting it... I hate handheld bags, and I think I might have to sell it on ebay! I really like shoulder bags, I actually LOVE my couch swing pack, and I should have bought the LV mono Bosphore.. I am regreting it! I just feel the speedy is so dressy... and I'm a casual gal! what do I do???
    Has anyone had this problem.. I would have to sell the speedy to finance another.. SO, I can't even go buy the "one" I really want.. I'd have to wait a while..

    Thanks for letting me Vent..
  2. Check Fashionphile's website, they might have a long shoulder strap for a Damier and you could attach it to your speedy, so you could be handsfree!! I always have buyer's remorse and end up putting them on Ebay!!
  3. LOL I thought i was the only one with buyers remorse.. I have done it a lot but before I bought my speedy, I said, NO more I am just going to keep it.. well.. I guess not! LOL ugh.. I don't know what to do.. Maybe I should just keep it and wait till the holidays and have DH buy me the Bosphore... I don't know what to do..

  4. I personally don't find the speedy to be too dressy at all, but it is you that has to carry it so if you aren't happy, sell it and find something that works for you!
  5. I don't think the speedy is dressy at all i think its the most versatile
    LV bag I love whenever I see a speedy put and about.
  6. Wow! Seriously? I'm like the most laid-back person I know, and I wear my Speedies with pride! Now the Alma - now THAT'S dressy....or the Passy or something, but definitely not the Speedy!
    You should check out Clubhouse for the Speedy ladies and see them wearing them and see what you think. Plus the Visual Reference thread would help.
    But then again, if you don't like it, then nothing will change your mind - I'm the same exact way!
    Let us know what you decide. FYI - eBay's been slower than molasses lately.....:tdown:
  7. I too think the Damier Speedy can go both ways--dress her up or dress her down. I love that bag!
  8. personally, i always thought the speedy was more of a casual bag :confused1: :Push:
  9. Give your Speedy another chance by using it for a few more weeks? I love Speedy in every size and line.
  10. Maybe you're just not used to the size and the versatile shape of the speedy since it is your first one, give it some time and you'll fall in love with it.
  11. I really have a feeling that down the road you'll regret it if you get rid of your Speedy now. I don't think it's an overly dressy bag at all, but can be worn with just about anything, especially the Damier. I love my Damier Speedy, she's my " go to" bag!
  12. I really think it's a state of mind. The Speedy can be dressed up or down. Maybe if you don't put too much in it, the speedy "sag" will make it feel more casual to you.
  13. i like that the damier speedy, like most other speedies, can be both dress or ultra casual.
    try a jean skirt, a white tshirt and your speedy. or jeans and a maroon shirt, heck anything!
    look at it for a few days first. and consider, that speedy will look brand spanking new for a very long time due to the lack of vachetta.
    keep it out of its dustbag, and pick it up each time you get dressed.
    honestly, give it a chance. its a really easy bag to carry. throw it in the crook of your arm and go. throw it on the passenger seat of your car. enjoy the gold hardware giving things a nice edge to everything you wear.
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    Aww I'm sorry you regret buying your Damier Speedy now, but I'm sure you'll fall in love with it once you start putting her to good use. Here's a great example of how 'dressed down' you can wear your bag.


  15. That is a great idea