Ugh, I need an intervention

  1. I guess I am rather clueless when it comes to hair and makeup. I hate my hair right now, on a whim one day I thought I'd get it permed (I said I wanted loose waves, but that's not really what I got.) so I straightened it myself. Heh. It's a mess. I know I need it cut/colored but I have no idea what I want, or what looks good on me, for that matter. My only help is my mother, who is no help because, well yeah. I'd love to find a person that would just *know* what would look good on me (like those makeover shows, yes?) but I have a feeling that if I walked into a salon and said, "make me pretty" I'd get some odd looks. :/ rawr. What do I do? I feel so ugly :sad:
  2. Finding a good stylist is key. One that can help you choose a style that fits your lifestyle, face shape, hair texture, etc.. Do any of your friends have a stylist are at least a good salon to recommend? I don't think anyone would think your strange if you walked in & said "I really have no idea what I want". Their job is hair~;) You should be able to come up with a great style. Also, I recommend getting some hairstyling magazines. Whenever I think of changing my style, I start buying them all. I've gotten some amazing styles with the pics I took to my stylist. Good luck!