Ugh...I have to stop shopping...

  1. I bought 2 beautiful bags during PCE. a black Ergo tote and a gallery signature tote in khaki/red--both of which I love!! The week before I got a soho suede satchel at the outlet which is beautiful but much too heavy, so that went back today. And, of course I couldn't leave without taking a look around to see what they had. I ended up with 2 bags for my dds, a wristlet, a new wallet and 2 beauty cases-one in black and one in khaki.:wtf: I need to go on a ban..and soon....
  2. I hear ya, I've got a $400 gift card from a return and its just burning a hole in my wallet........ MUST SPEND!!!!!!

    I bought the suede satchel too from the outlets, and altho I love the color and style, it is very heavy and I feel like I'm always worrying about it b/c it's so hard to maintain b/c of the suede. I don't dare take it out if there's clouds, the rain, oh geez what a mess.

    I too might need to go on a ban soon, but it's oh so tempting!!!!
  3. It's hard to go into the outlet because there are always treasures waiting to be discovered. Coach's idea of coming out with new styles all hte time must be working because we keep coming back!

  4. amen!!!! And I go to the outlet and I am so brainwashed at this point that I think if it is under $200 I am at the dollar store!!! :rolleyes: Coach has me, hook, line, and sinker. They know EXACTLY what they are doing... temptation island.... :wtf:
  5. LOL....I feel the same way about thinking I'm in the dollar store.
    Unfortunately reality hits once I'm at the register and it's time to pay...ugh:sad: