UGH! I hate knockoff sellers!!! Was this right to do??

  1. I wrote a "guide book" several years ago, to help potential buyers of a certain type of expensive handbag weed out the fakes and recognize the signs of authentic ones. I sell this book on eBay as an electronic information product, and have many, many grateful customers who write me with thanks for saving them money and frustration, etc.

    So this morning I see that two guides were sold overnight. One was to a lovely woman, who wrote me shortly after receiving it and thanked me for saving her $$$$$ on an auction she was just about to bid on.

    The other one was to an eBay user in China. I went to check out that person's feedback and listings, as I always do, and lo and behold, they sell a bunch of "Marni" and other designer KNOCKOFF crap!! :cursing::cursing::cursing: Nowhere in their listings does it say that these items are NOT actually made by the designer, or "designer inspired" and in fact a lot of them use the designer's name in the title. Well needless to say I do not condone this. I refunded that person's PayPal payment, with a note that said something like "I am sorry but it appears that you sell knockoffs on eBay and I am not going to provide you with information on how to make knockoff ****** designer bags. Thanks." I also blocked that user ID from bidding on my auctions.

    Did I do the right thing?? Is this going to come back and bite me, either by that person reporting me to eBay (though I don't believe I did anything wrong--it's MY item, I can choose who to sell it to, right?), or by that person maliciously bidding on my items with a different ID?
  2. I would want to do exactly the same. But I'm not sure what will happen if she can report you for not honouring the transaction.
  3. Regardless of your reasons for canceling the sale of your item, it is your choice. You have the right to sell YOUR item to who you want to. You have done nothing wrong. I hope that puts your mind at ease. Also I have found that people knowingly selling fake items really do not want any attention drawn to themselves by reporting anything. I am sure everything will be fine. Just be sure to check out any one bidding on your items. Be cautious of "ghost" bidders. no items for sale, and no feedback.
  4. Thanks, lovensparkle & aemmy.
    I don't think she can report me for "non performing seller" since I refunded immediately and put the reason for the refund into the PP comments...but maybe? I hope that aemmy is correct that this person won't want to draw attention to themselves by reporting me, as well.
    It would be ironic if I got in trouble with eBay for this, since the buyer is the one selling illegal stuff!
  5. WOW, I'm so salute with you :flowers: you've made the right thing. I also usually refuse to sell to newbie from Korea or China, I really affraid if they use my auth bags as stunts for their manufacture :yucky:
  6. I don't blame you, BUT it IS a binding contract right?
    Just like they have to pay, don't you have to sell it?
  7. in this case no i don't think you have to sell...i would have done the same thing:yes:
  8. No, its not a binding contract like they make you think it is. I've had TWO sellers screw me and Ebay comes back with 'sellers can pick and choose who they sell to'. So don't worry, you're safe. I guess if you did it repeatedly they might step in and warn you but thats about all the trouble I can see. You did the right thing. The buyer was probably one of the counterfeit manufacturers looking to get details on how NOT to make fake bags.
  9. you totally did the right thing. this buyer/seller probably didn't think you would check their feedback. you did good!
  10. Like Judge_Judy said (and hee, I love that name!), I am pretty sure that I can decline to sell my item to someone for basically any reason...I'm not 100% sure, though, and really should look that up so I can be certain. edited: I looked it up on eBay and technically I did have to sell the item to that person. However I think there is a case to be made that since the item in question is my copyrighted intellectual property, as opposed to merchandise, I can refuse to sell--based on law as opposed to eBay's rather arbitrary rules.
    Regardless, though, I doubt this person is going to report me because it would end up worse for them than it would for me.

    It just makes me SO angry when I see these listings for knockoff garbage, especially when the listings are deceptively written with keywords like "Marni" in the titles. Is eBay just not bothering to police things like keyword spamming in listings coming from China, I guess? Maybe they're too busy pulling listings for saying anauthentic item in perfect condition is "like new". :rolleyes: