Ugh, I hate canker sores !!

  1. ***Sorry if this is in the wrong forum, I thought it sorta had to do with health stuff***

    Anyway, I am always getting canker sores (spelling?)! I have one now, and they make it really hard to eat anything- nothing salty, sugary, spicy, sweet, etc, so basically I have to stick to really boring foods like bread and soup. Ugh!:rant:

    It just seems like right after I'm done with one, a few weeks later I get another one! Sometimes they're in such bad spots, I have trouble talking or opening my mouth to chew

    If anyone else gets these terrible annoying things, what do you do? Can anyone reccomend any medicine or cream or gel or anything? I'm willing to try almost everything--- I'm just so sick of not being able to eat or brush my teeth with starting to cry from the stinging pains! :sad:

    Thanks for reading this everyone!:flowers:
  2. Gargle with salt water- this will help it heal quicker. Also, don't eat/drink anything citrus-y!
  3. ^^^^ YES .. hot salt water :yes:. it totally does the trick!
  4. I read somewhere that eating yogurt regularly helps prevent cancer sores b/c of the pH balance in your month. Hope that helps.
  5. My 12 year old gets MASSIVE canker sores. So bad the doctor says he has never seen anyone with them so large. They are nickle size. Painful. He has been using Lidocaine Viscous. Its only with a script but you apply it with a qtip and it numbs the spot for some time.
  6. I get them a lot, too, and I hate them :yucky: .

    I'll third the suggestion of hot salt water. Swish it around in your mouth, concentrating on the spot where the canker sore is. Do it a few times a day. If you're really desperate you could try some Orajel (over-the-counter gel that kind of numbs the area). It works okay but unfortunately it numbs everything it comes in contact with in your mouth so it's a little icky.

    Luckybunny - I didn't know that about yogurt! That's interesting because I've been eating a lot of yogurt lately and just realized that I haven't had a canker sore in a while. Maybe that's why.
  7. There's a topical ointment called Kanka for canker sores. Other oral topical pain gels/creams are appropriate (like OraBase, Oragel) for treatment. They tend to be caused by certain foods, especially acidic ones (salsa/tomatoes, citrus fruits, etc.). You may have a more serious problem and if you can, you should talk to your dentist (or doctor) about it, just because of the incredible frequency of your sores. They also have more medicines to offer for treatment. My mom is a dental assistant and she's worked in dentistry for a long time, and I at one time wanted to be a dentist, so I have a lot of somewhat useful dental knowledge. Also if you love eating acidic foods you can help some by either brushing your teeth right after you eat, or chewing gum.
  8. Try Ambesol. It will numb the area.
  9. i get them ALL the time. usually more than one at a time and HUGE (but not as big as poor print*model's daughter! poor child!). i can't talk either without wanting to cry.

    gargling salt water is good. i use oragel, cloroseptic or kanka a couple times a day. it makes your whole mouth numb, but at least it doesn't hurt. that's really about all you can do.

    mine seem to show up when i'm really stressed out, have a cut in my mouth, or have eaten waaaaaay to much sugar (chocolate in particular). they can also be a manifestation of a mild B vitamin deficiancy. i get fewer now that i've started eating better again...

    good luck! man they hurt.
  10. I thought I was the only one who gets it all the time! my bf never gets them and he doesn't understand the pain. whew! I know I'm not too weird.

    eating a lot of fried foods make me get them more, or as someone mentioned, also when I'm stressed. The salt water makes mine go away faster. I got some strong stuff to put on them from the doctor (no idea what they're called), it's like a paste that just sticks on it. I put it on at nite before I go to bed, gets kinda nasty the next day, but it really does help it go away faster. Maybe you can ask you doctor about prescription medicine.
  11. I get these all the time too and they're the worst!!! I actually have 3 right now.

    I also use Kanka and it seems to numb the pain pretty well and also speed healing a bit.

    I also rinse my mouth with peroxide. I just swig it right from the bottle and swish it around in my mouth for a few seconds and this also speeds healing.

    I've always gotten them since I was a kid. If you get them often you should see your doctor because there is stuff you can get prescribed for them that will help them heal faster.

    Good luck!!
  12. You have to eat the type of yogurt that has active bacteria cultures in it (they don't all have that) and YES it will help prevent them!! :yes:
  13. YESS!:Push: ! I have about 5 in my mouth right now. I get them ALL THE DAMN TIME! (sorry I have to vent).For some reason my dad,and I get them all the time. Sometimes I get huge ones that are about size of dimes,and nickels. I hate brushing my teeth when it happends, it hurts:rant: :sad: .Thanks for the links guys!
  14. I haven't gotten any lately, but they're annoying. I use Ambesol, so try that it might help heal it faster.