UgH! I give up......done with eBay!!


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Jul 20, 2007
East Coast
I'm sure everyone that has posted on this forum is sick and tired of eBay as I am but today I am officially done with them! I've been a member since April '04 and I pride myself on my 100% positive feedback.....until yesterday. I purchased a Gamecube game for my son about a month and a half ago , waited 3 weeks and it never arrived. I contacted them several times and each time was the same response....but it still never came. I filed a dispute and won and I didn't even bother to leave a feedback for them because I won the dispute and didn't want to concern myself any longer. Today my perfect feedback was ruined because they game me a neg. with the explanation "whatever".......WTF?:wtf: over a $15.00 item!! :cursing: You should see her feedback! She can win the award for most neg. feedback and this is just within the past month!! As soon as I settle up with the next few transactions that I've won and sold, I'm terminating my membership for good......SO THOROUGHLY ANNOYED AND JUST TIRED OF ALLTHE BULLS#$@. Sorry for the long post just needed to rant!


Jul 3, 2007
Athens, GA
Awwwwww... so sorry for you. I know the feeling, I got my 1st one also after being so cautious and trying to treat others as I want to be treated. Mine was because a bidder did not pay me and I emailed her, again trying to be nice, and got a response back of "I don't want it anymore" and some threats about leaving neg feedback. Well, I opened an NPB and bingo.. she paid. I sent the purse and heard nothing at all. Well, a month later, she leaves me a negative out of the blue of made up stuff. I was FLOORED.

Sadly, there is not much of an alternative out there to Ebay. I have said enough so many times. It is sad that those that are bitter and just mean inside have to make things so bad for the rest of us. I would just leave the appropriate feedback for her yourself and ppl can see when you look at yours and hers. Most of us who have been on Ebay can spot those that are just nasty sellers/buyers being ugly. In any case, do whatever you need too. I just know that awful feeling of seeing that first negative and a pit drop in your stomach.


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Oct 7, 2006
San Francisco
Ugh, sorry to hear that. Have you heard of Square Trade? I was able to have a negative feedback successfully removed through them. It cost $30 but it was worth it to have my 100% pos FB restored. (I got a neg from a seller who sold me a fake LV bag in retaliation after I left her neg.)


Apr 18, 2006
I am so sorry this happened. I know many of us really care about our feedbacks. But I will not be held as hostage by guarding my feedback because of retaliated sellers. We have only 50% control of the feedback, and many times we don't know who the other party we are dealing with. I would say just let it go since sometimes eBay is the place we can find something we don't have time or don't know where to find. BTW, both BestBuy and Costco have Gamecube games and they are around $19 plus tax. Hopefully you will find the game for your son.


Oct 6, 2007
Okay, here is my sad-but true-eBay story.

When I first started selling handbags, I ran into some fakes and without knowing, I listed them and then found out they were fake. I went through hell trying to fix every thing. I don't sell fakes and I was horrified!!!!!

So, got that all straight. Continued selling and became a platinum seller. I had no neg feedback. Then I sold two bags to the same buyer. She received them and then told me she wanted her money back. I told her that it would be just fine...send them back but I would not refund her shipping. My policy stated 100% for any bag found not authentic-not 100% for buyers remorse. She left me neg feedback saying that the bags were fake and said that it wasn't worth the money to send them back- needless to say-she only wanted money from me and thought that would make me give it to her. dirty spot from a nasty buyer. No big deal. Then I have a bunch of my listings removed, and I was suspended. The bags were real. I went through the all the hastle of sending proof to eBay. They contacted me and told me that I could list on eBay again. So I did....only to find that the next morning they cancelled all of my listings again. After trying to contact them for weeks, I finally get a response to my rather livid e-mails. Apparently they re-instated me but I was supposed to magically know that they didn't want me to post the same bags that I had already prooven to them were real.

I went through so much with that whole mess. I was so upset. I found out a couple of things

#1-eBay doesn't care about little guys like me
#2-eBay was simultainiously being sued by LV and Tiffany and they just started cancelling buyers and sellers if they were in question at all.
#3-other sellers reported my items to stop competition
#4 where ebay is the number one, I have found another alternative....

check out uBid. They are fraud free. Knockoffs are not allowed and you have to be verified through them BEFORE you are allowed to post. I have been buying and selling on there for a while and have never had any troubles!

They are not as big as eBay, but they are growing and at least they offer some sort of buyer and seller protection!

I am so sorry for your troubles on eBay, and trust me I understand! They really hurt my business! I won't even buy on there any more!


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Mar 7, 2007
sorry that happened but don't let that 1 person ruin it for you. NEG HER BACK and explain im sure ppl will see what happened


Sep 22, 2006
I am so sorry this happened to you. I, too, am done with eBay. It just isn't worth the worry and aggravation for me, and there isn't anything I need to purchase or sell that badly as to go through what eBay can put a person through. There are a lot of great buyers and sellers, but one or two bad experiences can really ruin it for a lot of people.


Oct 6, 2007
Unfortunately there is more than just one or two bad sellers and buyers on eBay. It is so full of fraud it is scary! It is so hard to compete with all of! I just don't want to! And really don't blame anyone else for wanting too, either. I know that there are a lot of honest sellers on eBay, I was one of them....but it is so hard....I am sooo sorry you are frustrated!


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Jul 2, 2007
Northern California
sorry that happened but don't let that 1 person ruin it for you. NEG HER BACK and explain im sure ppl will see what happened
I agree! Don't be vengeful, just neg her and say something classy. As both a buyer and seller I look at those things and you can tell who the bad person is!:hysteric:
Jun 14, 2006
Sorry that happened...I think all the loonies are out in full force on ebay. It makes it hard for us honest people. We should start a list of ebay creeps to stay away from and post it here so none of us deal with these shady dirtbags.


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Jun 5, 2007
I'd so do it, but I wouldn't even know where to BEGIN!

And thank you, Purse! I couldn't resist putting it on my signature. Awesomeness!
hmmmm there have to some computer/web programmer members on TPF. i think it would do great!! i too am SICK of eBay and SICK of PayPal!

i just checked out ubid, but it doesn't seem like it's big on clothes yet (which is what i mostly sell). i hope it does well though and beats eBay:boxing::boxing: