Ugh! I can't wait any longer!

  1. Just saw that my new Bleecker Leather Large Flap in British Tan has been delivered to my house!!

    I got it for Christmas, well a little after Christmas but it was scratched to hell (as was seen in the unveiling post) and thanks to support from you gals I brought it back to the store and the SA was horrified that I was sold the bag like that.

    Anywho they had JAX send me a new one out but because of the Holiday it took over a week. I just saw that it's been delivered and OF course - I'm at work. Seriously next time I'm getting everything shipped here. I can't WAIT to see it and use it!

    I'll update when I finally see it after work!! Eeek!
  2. I hope it's in perfect condition. I can't wait to see it!!
  3. I do too!! I have been hearing some not so nice things out of JAX so I really hope it comes scratch free.

    However my boyfriend who HATES my Coach habit told me he already let the dog play with it. Ass.
  4. Oh my gosh!!! I would probably have to "come down with something terrible" (wink wink) so I could leave work and go get her! LOL!!!!! Maybe it's good that I am an at home mommy....I couldn't have the best work ethic with Coach at home waiting for me! HAHA!!
  5. OMG when I got my Signature Stripe I totally left work to get it but this over a year ago when I not only had a wicked LAX job but I also worked like 3 miles from my house. I'm so anxious.

    I really should have gotten it delivered to my work. At least I know someone would be there for it no matter what.
  6. Well...I can just imagine your impatience of wanting to get home like. But becareful not to get a speeding ticket on the way home. I am sure the officer wouldn't understand as well do the emergancy of getting home to it.

    Sounds like your boyfriend is ornery...Joking such as that...:nogood:...I missed your post on the scratched bleecker...But fingers crossed that this one arrives in great shape...Can't wait to see pictures!

    I just recieved my "Small" Flap Bleecker all leather in British Tan as well today! It seems today's a great day for Bleeckers~

    The color is so beautiful!!!:love:
  7. That cough of yours sounds terrible..... you should go home before you get everyone at work sick. (wink, wink) Post pictures after you get home and curl up with a nice warm Bleeker.
  8. Yeah the boyfriend is a jokey one. He thinks it's stupid and we had gotten in a little fight about it prior but he said my package is safe (and away from the dog).

    haha could you imagine. "Officer you really really don't understand - there is a Coach Bleecker Leather Large Flap in british tan waiting for me at home!"
    Officer: "Well why didn't you just say so!!! have a good day."
    If only everyone thought like us.

    Yeah ::cough cough::: I feel so awful gotta go!
  9. I have been known to have to 'run home' - maybe you can find a good excuse if you can't wait!
  10. If you need a virtually foolproof excuse to go home, (evil grin) I've always found that if you just say "intestinal difficulties" no one is willing to ask for details.
  11. ahah you sound like my best friend. That's her excuse ALL the time to get out of work! LOL Really no one will question that. lol

    I have been known to leave and come back but now I work too far away. Seriously at my old job I would have been like "O does anyone want coffee" and I'd just run home cause it was that close. And I'd usually add something about the line being really long or something lol.

    Glad you guys understand.
  12. what a stinker!!!

  13. One never knows...Maybe it would have been a female officer. And she would have given you a police escort!:roflmfao:
  14. hhaa heck I would if I was an officer if someone told me that!!!

    Funny that I'm mentioning being sick one of my co-workers just sent out an email about her kid being sick. Prob is I couldn't use that. Or I could but then I'd have to explain that I indeed have a child .. lol mmm.
  15. I remember your original post with the bag that was pretty scratched up. I'm glad you returned it. Get home safely!