Ugh. I can't stop. Just bought a wristlet

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  1. Yeah. I have problems. Lol.
    I just bought a large slim wristlet on eBay. It wasn't even that "great" of a deal. But I liked the pattern and looked pretty. I so need to stop. Even though it was a "small" purchase, they add up. And I've been in a buying frenzy!
    Ok. That was my rant. Now I wait for it to arrive! Lol.
  2. I know what you mean, being in the same boat. I keep trying to off load bags through a friend who is selling them on Ebay since my closet is full but then I buy another. Just ordered the purple coated cotton hydrangea wristlet from ILOVDOONEY since it was a good price to match a tote I have but did I have to have it? No.....

    I am new to this board but love that their are ladies wrestling with the same problem - we love D&B!

    Have a great day, Ladies.
  3. Yeah. This is awful. And so far I'm just buying with no real pattern or goal on matching. That's what makes me nervous. My next excuse of having to get matching accessories. Well, that's after my next excuse of getting to an outlet. Lol. But at least you're unloading some items. You know there's room for more. And your wristlet sounds so pretty. I'm digging that site. I got my taupe Flo bag from there. Can't beat no tax and free shipping.
    I'm newish to this forum too and to this obsession. Welcome!!
  4. It's so hard to stop isn't it? Congrats. I can't wait to see it. :smile:

  5. Welcome Cat Lover! It's a fun place to be. I've been hooked since January :smile: Those hydrangea wristlets are so cute. Would love to see a picture when you get it. :smile:
  6. It's soooo hard to stop. I'll post a pic. And I wanna see a pic too, CatLover 53.... :smile: