UGH I cant list!!!!!

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  1. I just tried to list my extra set of LV lock and keys from my Speedy 25 and theyre saying that the title is infringement!.. UGH, ive sold other designer things, how come I cant sell a set of lock and keys??

    And theyre saying my account has been restricted to selling but not suspended?!?@ UGH :cursing::cursing:
  2. Why????
  3. I think they may consider it key word spamming as you aren't actually selling a Speedy. Somebody probably reported it (?).
  4. So what happened? Did they just pull that one and only auction? i don't know what is going on with ebay but alot of sellers are really having problems. I wish they would be real clear what was wrong so we can move on and don't do it again. Plus the fact you can't reach anyone it is all via email of chat. I used to have a store and had a direct line but I got rid of the store and no longer have that option. Linda
  5. So you listed something and the listing was pulled for keyword spamming? What was the e-mail from eBay?
  6. *sigh* Between ebay pulling auctions and sellers threatening to sue VERO (and the the people who report items) for reporting their supposedly authentic items as fake, it seems that we really, really need a good designer auction site. If the business plan was good, I would definitely invest in this.

    So sorry you're a victim of the ebay craziness.
  7. I second this. Anyone want to develop a purction - Purse/Auction website?? Count me in.:yahoo:
  8. thats so true!! its the future
    E bay are suspending so many good sellers of authentic
    there paranoid re vuitton and dior
    and with the vigilante websites reporting just about everything

    I just wish e bay would say we will not allow designer handbags on the site full stop . at least people will know where they stand

    Sorry you have joined the club of suspended , restricted its getting bigger by the minute
    My poupette has started a designer bag auction site hope I am not breaking rules here by saying that
    ( I am now paranoid about rules since selling on e bay)

    so apologies if that is the case tpf
    sorry to hear your news but you are so not alone
    hang tight
  9. Sounds like a good idea!
    I think we need a web programmer and we are good!