Ugh! I can't believe the grief I'm getting on ebay!

  1. I'm selling a Chloe bag on eBay at the moment and I've never experienced such crap in all my life. No end of scammers, I'm being spammed by some idiot fake goods supplier from China, people wanting to know if I'll send it to Nigeria and offering to transfer the money directly into my bank account. It's really putting me off selling.

    I feel sick.
  2. Oh this happens once you are selling bags you will be inundated with offers of cheap fakes it is a nightmare, you can report to eBay, it doesn't help so I just delete.
  3. Ooh I hate them, too! But, DON'T respond them & post in your auctions!! That they want, you post in your auction so other people that love fake will email them, it same with FREE ADVER. for them!

    Otherwise, I suspect them do hijacked ( spell-right? ), too. Once you reply them, they'll find way to get your eBay pass & email pass then try to change your eBay email addr. so they can receive and handle all your email. It happend to me last week, totally bad experience.
  4. Nightmare isn't it? I've just deleted the messages and one particular one I've just reported because I found it particularly offensive.
  5. I always take the time to report them which is very time consuming!!

    Then you get the form letter from ebay ....... which is almost as annoying.

    Sometimes they come a week later..........


    Another thing I do is send them back emails with nasty comments.
    Spam them back!
    They usually list their email addresses!
  6. Heheheheh might set up a junk email account with gmail to spam them back *rubs hands and cackles evily* I've just had a fresh trench of them. GO AWAY :cursing::yucky:
  7. Thats what I do!
    A hotmail email account I set up just for that!

    I send them back all kinds of funny stuff.
    some are blank, some are rude and offensive, and some are just plain,

  8. OMG! That's a good one! I should set one up for myself too... :nuts:
  9. Anyway, don't let em know your email address. I made mistake with respond an email like,"dear friend, I'm interest to purchase, please email me at ...!"
    Don't, don't email them back coz they'll collect your emails & send you weekly even daily newsletter about their fake stuffs in their counterfeit website!! :cursing::cursing:

    I really hope can cut their neck-OMG! Sorry...
  10. Curls yes it is so horrendous. YOu come home at night and think oh I have 10 questions for my items and then you go in and its like great all this rubbish!

    So frustrating! Like someone else said here never respond to the as that is possibly the worst thing you can do!
  11. I'm getting really worried now -- I had gotten a bunch of those unsolicitied commercial spam & obvious scammer inquiries through eBay last week. I reported each and every one of them to eBay Safe Harbour, BUT I ALSO responded to two of those scammers who SENT ME 5+ messages a day (from the same ID, based in China...they just never stop) and just really got on my nerves. I didn't e-mail them back, but replied THROUGH EBAY saying "I can sense it's a scam, am not interested, do not ever contact me again"....and I CHECKED the "HIDE MY EMAIL ADDRESS FROM ___" box when sending the reply through eBay.

    Does this actually prevent the scammers from obtaining my e-mail address? Or am I screwed either way? Ireally regret replying to them at all! Please advise!
  12. LOL, I got the exact same..the thing. I went to the site to investigate and was like....omg, not cool. >.<
  13. I think some of the emails are through hijacked accounts. I responded a couple of times and actually got some emails back (through ebay) that said what are u talking about, or not me, etc.

    Again, just set up another email account through hotmail or gmail and spam them all back!!!!!!!!
  14. They are so annoying!!! These spammers from china setup dodgy auctions so that they can give each other feedback! And then use these accounts to spam sellers! How on earth do you stop them??? You can report till the cows come home! eBay can't do anything about it! These spammers will just create other accounts...!!

    They create auctions like this to give each other feedback...

    eBay Australia: ?????????/???????/?????????/??30 (item 300075311643, end time 27-Feb-07 05:27:42 AEDST)

    Check out the list of purchasers!
  15. Maybe you can find a way to pass them on your "buddy" paparazzi-girl! :graucho: You have email address right? Forward them on! <evil laugh>