Ugh, how gorgeous is Kate??

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  1. She is just ridiculously beautiful. I love her!

  2. Off-topic, but what LV bag is in your sig front and center? I have not had time to look it up and I have seen it dozens of times. I am in love with it.
  3. YES!!! She is just STUNNING!!!:love:
    moss2_large.jpg moss3_large.jpg
  4. She is so beautiful =)
  5. she's so unique, she's beautiful:love::love:
    definitely my favourite supermodel:heart:
    (if it wasn't for Paul she was absolutely perfect!)
  6. [​IMG][​IMG]
    she is just adorable!!!:heart:
    (i can't stand him!!!!!)
  7. Yeah, love her too :love: I'm considering buying the Holy Mess shirt of her :yes:

    Oh and coachwife, I think it's called the "Waltz" :amuse: Gorgeous bag!
  8. She is so gorgeous--even though she is a mess, I still love her!
  9. of course she's stunning. I'm glad that she's bad on Burberry ads.
  10. ooohhhh, totally love her. i put up her photos from ck ads since i was in high school, and it's still there in my parent's house.
    she's the type of girl you can never get bored. she's timeless :P
  11. I love Kate Moss! She always looks so pretty!
  12. She is gorgeous!
  13. I absolutely adore her, seriously!! :P She's soooo gorgeous and definately has natural beauty...
    moss01.jpg adv_2947.jpg kate.JPG
  14. Some of her pics are captivating
  15. call me crazy, but i dont like her