UGH!!?!?!? How could the entire company...

  1. be out of stock?!!?! I was called 3 different boutiques [LV Houston Galleria (both main and Neiman Marcus boutique), and the Rodeo Drive boutique] and they all told me that they had no Widescreen Etui iPod cases in stock!!! :wtf: I asked if any stores had them in stock, they told me "No, it looks like the entire company is out of stock..." How could this be?!?!?!?! I was barely going to go buy one tomorrow!!! :crybaby:
  2. Really? I have no idea. :shrugs: Maybe you can try calling 866 and ask them to locate one for you?
  3. Oopsie. I forgot the part about calling 866... They said that the entire company is indeed out of stock... it shows as an active item, so some are currently being produced...

    Argh... this coulda been one impulse purchase I wouldn't have regretted... :crybaby:
  4. aww...john!! honestly I'd try calling again...sometime the person at 866 or the SA doesn't know what they're talking about???:shrugs:
  5. Hmm... I dunno... I got the same response from 4 different people.. :sad:
  6. They REALLY don't know what they're talking about at 1-866; I called this weekend pricing some stuff and they didn't know color names, etc etc. It feels scary when you feel like you know more than they do.... John, I agree call and get a different SA... I can't get an IPod, or I'd have to have the LV case, don't blame all...
  7. Oh John, I feel for you! It was so frustrating when I went to the boutique on the 31st last month to get the framboise agenda before the price increase and they ran out of stocks for that. :Push: Then the SA told me that they will not be getting it anymore as framboise will soon be discontinued. :wtf: I was so disappointed. Fortunately, I emailed LV and got to know that the info is incorrect. So I'm now waiting for them to get the stocks, plus luckily, there was no price increase for that after all! :sweatdrop:

    Put your name down for that item you wanted at a few boutiques and ask the SAs to call you once they have stocks for that. Good luck! :flowers:
  8. :sad: Hope u are able to track one down, john.

    OT, but my sister and I were at Urban Outfitters yesterday, and there was a guy rocking a black mc wapity on his belt!!! It looked hot!!
  9. Hope you find it soon John. It will be even better when you do. lol
  10. Sorry to hear that dude, I have one and it's amazing!
  11. I had the same situation with iPod nano cover in monogram canvas. It was available on for france and UK. So, I went to London and any of SA's in Sloane street store didin't know what I'm talikng about!!!!! When I showed them my printed wish list from they were shocked!!! So I bought Prada cover for my iPod! I hope You will get Your soon!
  12. awwww...:flowers:
  13. :sad: Poor John.....I'm sure they'll be in store soon.:sweatdrop:

  14. Try calling the Michigan Ave. store in Chicago? Maybe thet might have one, or even NYC stores? You never know - it's amazing how a store can say they have 0 in stock according to their computers - but 2 sitting out on's worth a shot!
  15. I was looking for one a few weeks back and was told the same thing. I was told however that they would have them available BEFORE Christmas!