ugh... help me! need help about fake juicy i won..

  1. Ive been trying to get in contact with the seller i won this fake juicy from, but he wont get back to me. I have stupidly already paid for it through paypal. [​IMG] The only communication i have gotten was right after i had won the auction and he asked if i was paying with paypal. I have tried to get in contact with him since the day i won because i was wondering about authentication and then i asked about getting a refund because 3 different threads i have posted i was told it was fake. The seller has not responded but did take the time to put 3 fake handbags up for auction just to be taken down i guess.. I was wondering what i should do, and if i file a claim with paypal, how should i go about doing that?? I would like my 66 dollars back. thanks for your help!! this was the auction.. I had won it at 8:52 am on sunday. He got his first feedback today and it was from another person who had won a fake bag.. and the guy hung up on him/her a couple times i guess when they tried to contact him...
  2. I take it that you have not received the bag yet? Did you use your credit card through paypal, or was it an instant payment from your bank account? I would open a dispute, I hope that it all works out for you.

  3. File a complaint with Paypal ASAP!!! He is now NARU and they will refund your $$ - I hope he hasn't pulled all of his funds from his account.
  4. Even if the seller has pulled all money out, Paypal could still transfer money from his credit card or bank account, in according to user terms of use.... Isn't it Paypal our Mighty God?!
  5. i opened a claim a few days ago, should i escalate it to paypal, since the seller has still not gotten back to me since i first contacted him on sunday(the day i won)?
  6. sorry, what does NARU mean?

    anyway, sorry this happened to you, the bag looks fake to me as well.. call paypal and let them know your situation ASAP.
  7. now his profile on eBay says he is an unregistered member...
  8. NARU= Not a registered user. File with PAYPAL asap. They have given the
    seller $200 buyer protection (listed right on the listing).......don't wait any longer. If you used a cc contact your credit card company as well. Good luck.