UGH! Have been waiting on hold for 30 min with phone company!!!


Jan 23, 2007
... and still no end in sight!

Sorry for the vent, I found out yesterday when I got my phone bill that I was charged by some random '3rd party' company for something I didn't authorize! That's when my phone company refused to reverse the charge, and told me I had to contact the other company first, and only when THEY agreed to refund me should I call the phone company back and tell them a confirmation number before they'll even consider taking the charge off my bill!! What the?? :Push:

So fine, I called the other company, and called the phone company back... BUT I've been waiting on hold for 30 minutes and counting!! Am I on a penalty hold?? I've been very nice and polite on all my phone calls, why is this warranted? Yes, they might be busy but that doesn't excuse a hold time of 30+ min (does it? sorry, I have no knowledge of how many people they staff over any given week)!

The funny part about this whole thing is... when I call the number listed on my bill, they keep transferring me to the CHINESE department! I mean, yes, my last name looks Chinese but that doesn't mean I HAVE to speak it! I had to call with another phone number before I could talk to someone in English.

Sorry for the long post, it feels much better now that I've gotten this out! :heart: