ugh frusturation vent. used BIN, then asked buyer for pics++

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  1. SELLER (oops about title) is like: I'll send them tonight but that the purchase is non-refundable & not-returnable & I should have asked before I bid. (I didn't reply).

    I'm (thinking to myself)... (1) you're right. (2) okay. I'm fine with that, and (3) but I bid on an authentic item & I want to ensure it's authentic before I pay 500 for it.

    She said she'd send them this evening (eastern time) & I still haven't seen the up close pictures I asked for. I'm getting frustrated bc I WANT this bag & just want her to send the pics so I can authenticate it & get it already! lol.

    And I'm sure she's getting frusturated bc she thinks I'm going to back out. But I ain't backin' out unless its fake :smile: (hope not)

    end vent. here's the item:

    did they even make fakes of this rocco?
  2. Did you post here and ask for authentication prior to purchasing?
    Nope, doesn't look like it.
    So you didn't authenticate or ask for the photos prior to purchase and you're the one who is frustrated? :rolleyes:
    The seller doesn't know you from Adam so I am sure she has no idea that you intend to pay for it as long as it ain't (sic) fake. All she sees is a buyer who is jerking her around after the sale and stalling on paying.

  3. No, I didn't :sad:
    And prior to you writing I realized that she might be thinking that, so I sent her a message stating exactly that - I fully intend on paying & apologizing for not asking for the pictures first. Hopefully she comes around, with that explanation.

    But I'm such a righteous jerk - I feel like I did her a favor for committing to the BIN price, which ended up being $50 more than the exact same bag listed the same day ended. (is there a smiley for shooting yourself in the foot?)

    Regardless, yes... I was wrong :noggin:
  4. Let's hope this all works out & in the future you should ask questions before

    bidding... less frustrating for you as well as the seller..
  5. She only has 17 feedback and very poor pictures of a very heavily counterfeited bag. Why would you bid before asking for pictures, especially a buy it now? I don't think I'd go ahead on this one without being sure - this bag is just too heavily faked. But you should have asked prior - this bag shows up a lot on ebay.

  6. agree here.. if this bag is indeed a fake, I would rather take

    a hit for a NPB then deal with all that goes along with having a fake bag...

    shipping it back at my expense, perhaps getting a third party letter

    to support your claim...
  7. Yes you should have asked first but you are not the first buyer who pulls the trigger and asks questions later. This is sometimes the case if it is a coveted item and the buyer doesn't want to miss the BIN while waiting for photos.

    In any case, definitely get it authenticated first before you pay.
  8. Personally, I think you should pay for the bag as you agreed to. If you get it and it is fake, then you can file a claim.
  9. I don't know much about AW but there's a chance all is well -- I checked the seller's history and she sold two other Alexander Wang's in the past and got great feedback for them.

    A little surprised with your number of transactions you jumped the way you did -- but these things do happen, our minds don't always rule our hearts :smile:

    I think if you keep a level head and the seller does too, then the transaction will go more smoothly and end on friendly terms.
  10. I don't agree with this. Claims are not sure things. If it's a counterfeit, and the seller is a scammer, chances are they know all the ropes to play Ebay and stick the buyer with the fake bag and no money.

    True, the buyer didn't bid/buy intelligently, but that doesn't mean she has to be ripped off. If she can't get the bag authenticated - she should take the npb, and learn from her mistake. But she shouldn't have to fork over 5 big ones because she made a mistake. And if it IS a fake, the seller doesn't get to cash in because the buyer didn't ******************.