ugh. frustration.

  1. so...
    i went to tjmaxx today to see if i could find some new shoes. so i casually walked by the bags and saw a few coach ones, so i stopped to look. and there was a big, fat FAKE. like, totally obvious fake. it was a signature duffle, but the fabric wasn't completely straight, a few stitches were coming undone on the backside, the creed was off...just a lot was wrong. like a typical fake you'd buy off ebay.
    so the lady from the jewelry counter came up to talk, saying about how they just got these in, blah blah blah. and i told her, quietly, that is wasn't real. she looked shocked, then angry and hissed at me "yes, it is! it has a coach tag!". so i politely said that it was probably quite easy to switch the tags on bags...
    then i pointed out what i listed above and told her to compare it to my bag i had (my sig hamptons carryall). she said there was no difference (!). so then she called the manager over.
    and then i was asked to leave because i was "making false allegations". i wasn't making a scene or anything, i was just stating facts, you know? it's not like i started running around the store screaming FAKE FAKE!
    so then he escorted me out and told me that i was allowed to come back if i would not accuse them of selling fakes.
    i am so furious and i wish SO bad i had my digi cam with me...
    i just can't believe the manager actually made me LEAVE. geez.
  2. sounds horrible, i really don't understand how places like that would get away with selling fakes..worst part is there are those who'd fall for it.

    but you technically can't say that, as a customer that might change but as a sales associate, you can't.

    i have people coming in with fake coach bags..i can't say anything. and if they ask, i can only offer sending it in to verify, even if i know for sure, i can't say.

    i wonder how often this happens...
  3. That lady was way out of line! You were just trying to help. You might want to notify Coach about this before a customer purchases that fake.
  4. i can't believe that you were ask to leave, i would be so pissed off if it were to happen to me.
  5. I can't believe you were asked to leave either!!! How unprofessional! The manager should have just said, "thanks for pointing it out to me. I'll look into it" or something. He should have never treated a customer like that! Especially with all the stuff going on with Target and the fakes. He should have been worried you would have reported him or at least called someone to look into the bags. Target is a great illlustration of companies who get bad press when stuff like happens, intentional or not. I think you did the right thing bringing it to their attention, but I hate they treated you badly.
  6. Good for you for speaking out..I would have done the same thing...I can understand their defensive reaction..But I would DEFINITELY notify Coach....That ticks me off that this is happening...Didn't I read somewhere here that Target had fakes too? Let us know what happens if you conatct Coach...KUDOS to you!!! :heart: Emmy
  7. If it was a customer return, I can see the possibility of it being fake. I've never seen a fake at TJMaxx yet. I don't think they have thought about the possibility that someone returned a fake. It just proves that you have to watch out and make sure still.
  8. the thing was, the rest of the bags they had were completely legit! and i made sure to point that out, too! i CERTAINLY wasn't claiming all their bags were fake! some were gorgeous (though still terribly overpriced...) and 100% authentic!
    yet i mentioned this, and he still gets upset?!
  9. horrible. Same thing happened to me, saw obvious fakes in St. Lucia while on a cruise. We went into the store and everyone was going ga ga over the bags. I told my party, they were fake and then the ladie's in the store told us to leave and gave us dirty looks.
  10. honestly it would be so much easier if everyone bought their coach at the coach stores. you know its authentic for sure
  11. I know my Coach well enough to feel comfortable buying bags from places other than Coach themselves, but I can certainly see how it might be a good idea to stick to the stores if you want to be absolutely sure.

    As for the idiots at that TJMaxx, maybe they'd get a clue if you contacted Coach about what you saw there. I'm just saying.
  12. i'm assuming someone bought the real one and returned the fake.
    yeah, coach stores are great...but if it's an older style, what real choice do you have? i'm confident enough in my knowledge of coach to not really care...
  13. Oh my! You really should write a letter to TJ Maxx corporate to let them know how terribly you were treated for politely pointing out they had something ILLEGAL in their store!!