Ugh! Frustrated with SA at outlet...

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  1. I have been on a desperate hunt for a leather sabrina, preferably large..I am calling like 2x a day and always very politely ask if they have any in stock...Called the premiium outlet in ORL which is my closest, although still 2 hours away and the SA said they have one small purple, but she can not put it on hold. Then proceeds to tell me she also has a large gold one, but doesn't know the style number and knows it is like 6something in price??? I don't understand if they have it why they couldn't hold it since I haven't had any problems in the past, but I am so discouraged.

    Can someone explain to me how a charge send works since maybe I can locate a Sabrina at a different outlet. Will they mail it directly to me? Do I have to go to an outlet near by to do something? Details needed Please!
  2. First, you have to find an outlet that does charge sends; not all will. Certain outlets will only do charge sends for their regional outlets. Once you find an outlet with the bag you want (that will do a charge send to you), you need to go to a local outlet to pay for the charge send which they fax to the outlet with the bag. Hope that helps and good luck!
  3. If the item is on clearance, they typically won't do a hold. They will however do a charge-hold, which means you pay for the item w/ your CC over the phone then go in to pick it up w/in 14 days. Call back and see if you can't do that.
    Wils8262 covered the info on charge-sends pretty well.
  4. o:huh:H, I like the charge hold,, I will see if that is a possibility! Thanks to both of you!!! I appreciate you helping this newbie out!!!
  5. Yeah whatever you think you might want to buy, always do a charge hold so that you know it's there when you get to the outlet. You can always return whatever you don't want when you are there.